Rigby Announces PLP Convention Feb 20 – 23



Raynard Rigby/ PLP Chairman

Nassau, Bahamas – Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party ended speculation on Sunday and confirmed the details of the PLP’s Convention 2008 . The event will be held on February 20th – 23rd under the theme; ‘The Way Forward’.

Rigby pointed out that all party offices are opened for nomination at the convention, where many believe former Prime Minister Perry Christie’s position as leader would go uncontested. The convention will be carried live via ZNS TV 13, at the Crystal Palace Ballroom, Cable Beach at 7PM nightly.


We will be staging three open nights. The day sessions are only open to Official and Observer Delegates. We expect to have a healthy and hearty discussion about the Party’s defeat and to agree to the best way for the Party to regroup so as to guarantee a victory at the polls. The day sessions will be geared towards discussions on Party matters inclusive of a review of the Party’s Constitution and Byelaws as well as a thorough analysis of the reasons and factors which may have led to the Party’s electoral defeat.

Unlike in past Conventions, we will end our Convention with a Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, 23rd February.

As is the norm in all of our Conventions, all of the leadership positions are open for contest and we have scheduled Thursday the 21st February at 2:30 pm for the nomination of Party Officers. Persons who wish to nominate must be official delegates at the Party’s Convention.

At this Convention we would expect to have a healthy challenge for the post of the National Chairman. I have already indicated that I will not be seeking re-election.

During the three open-night sessions, which will be carried live on ZNS 13 and Cable 12 and the private radio stations, we intend to put our message to the Bahamian people so that they can fully understand the core principles that guide our thinking and philosophy. The night sessions will also be an opportunity for the Party to showcase the young and dynamic talent who are members of this organization and to give the public a glimpse of the depth of the PLP’s bench.

As with out past Conventions, we are planning for an exciting and provocative three full days as we begin the transformative process in our Party. We are inviting all PLPs from throughout The Bahamas to attend the Convention and to lend their voices as we begin the process of bringing change within our organization.