Rigby Reaffirms His Passion as a PLP


Nassau, The Bahamas – The 50th National Party Convention of the Progressive Liberal Party kicked off this morning at the Whyndam Crystal Palace hotel.

Hundreds of delegates made their way through the hallways reconnecting with fellow PLPs and making new acquaintances as hopefuls for party office made their last rounds of campaigning before the nominations process begins later today.

Day sessions kicked off with session chairman Mr. Charles Carter reminding the fired up delegates that as the PLP meets in Convention for the 50th time, the fact that in over 55 years of existence, the PLP has held government for 30 years of that time. Mr. Carter reminded PLPs that this party has been responsible for the “building of the Bahamas, not only through the various instruments of government but also through the fact that the PLP was successful in engendering a sense of pride in Bahamians that is being felt today.

Mr. Carter said that the PLP has inspired Bahamians to see themselves as equals on the world stage and that it is not an unrealistic thought that eventually, there will be a Bahamian on the moon someday. He reminded PLPs that this level of pride has been a founding principle of the PLP from its inception.

Also addressing the delegates this morning was outgoing party Chairman, Mr. Raynard Rigby. Rigby thanked delegates and party officers for allowing him the pleasure of serving the party and the country over the last five years. The Chairman also took time out to reassure delegates that the PLP is strong and united and that his involvement as a PLP will not end regardless of what the media says. Mr. Rigby shared with delegates the hopes and expectations placed on him by his mother and other relatives as well as his mentors and advisors in the party and declared that to leave the PLP would be to go against the grain of who he is and what he stands for. Mr. Rigby said that the beauty of being in the PLP is that we can have our own views and express our differences and still be PLP, no matter what the media attempts to do. Mr. Rigby reminded delegates that the PLP started as a family and will always be a family and that we must trust each other, even in our differences.

The outgoing chairman announced the release of a booklet outlining his achievements called the Journey. This document will be available to all PLPs during and following the convention.

The Day sessions continue with a presentation by Dr. Myles Munroe.