RIU General Manager set to stand before Justice Carolita Bethel this Friday


Hotelier must understand the Bahamas is a nation of laws and is not a country for the lawless!

Justice Carolita Bethel

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is camping outside the Supreme Court offices of Justice Carolita Bethel where we know a senior hotelier is about to get the cut-hip of a lifetime.

A summons in the courts is being issued against the General Manager of the RIU Hotel on Paradise Island, Pedro Cepeda, following what is being described as his “naked abuse and clear defiance to the laws of the Bahamas.”

An employee of the RIU was recently placed on jury duty by the courts. We are told that worker reported her call to jury duty to management, however it was met with defiance and she was threatened with losing her job if she attended to her constitutional duties.

Well, what in the hell is dis?

Jurors play an important role in criminal trials in the Supreme Court and, when they fail to appear for duty, the court can fine them up to $500, although in many cases most Justices have not exercised powers beyond a payment; and/or further assets can be confiscated to satisfy the court. Jurors should know – at the prerogative of the Justice – they can be remanded to prison for up to three months if the property is not sufficient to satisfy the fine.

These are the laws of the Bahamas, but it appears that whereever the GM of the RIU comes from, he believes he could make a joke of the judiciary of the Bahamas!

But in this case it is reported that, following the young woman’s attendance last week in the court, she was met with a suspension by the General Manager’s office.

We can tell you the matter was reported to Justice Bethel, who then issued a summons for the GM Pedro Cepeda to appear to explain to her court his actions against an employee who is giving service to her country.

The hearing is set for this Friday, and we hope ‘My Lady’ Justice Bethel throws the book at the GM.

You was remember it was this same General Manager at the RIU who terminated the labour of some 26 employees following their protest against the termination of a fellow employee. That worker, staff believed, was unfairly dismissed by the same GM.

Some workers were not on duty on the day of the terminations, but they were also fired during the exercise. RIU employees are not represented by any union, thus the abuse.

Labour Minister Shane Gibson back in May summoned Cepeda to the Department of Labour a day after the Paradise Island resort firings.

Gibson in his passionate love for Bahamian workers had told the press outside the house at the time, “It is really unfortunate that employees [Cepeda] would come to The Bahamas and attempt to take advantage of employees, terminate them, make them redundant and try to take away basic rights that they have as employees.”

But this week Justice Bethel will have her say. And we hope the RIU GM will get the message Loud and Clear, that the Bahamas is a nation of laws.

And so while BP continues to report the news of the day and what is affecting “Bahamians” those in the ‘WUTLESS MEDIA’ are continuing to keep yinner distracted.

Where is the ‘VOICE OF LABOUR’ in this town?

We report yinner decide!