Robbery at BTC Questioned – An Inside Job Julian Francis CBE Exposed

The Ministry of Tourism and Aviation and Transfer Service Providers (TSP) seal their partnership with a handshake. Pictured (from left) are Raymond Harrison, General Manager of Tours and Entertainment in Ministry of Tourism & Aviation; Vernice Walkine, Director General of Tourism; Julian Francis, TSP Chairman and Dr. Johnathan Rodgers, TSP President. (Photo: Derek Smith/BIS)


Julian Francis has been caught in a blatant conflict of interest. FNM special interests have yet again been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Offenses may have been committed under the Prevention of Bribery Act. He has violated the FNM so called Code of Ethics. The PLP calls for Julian Francis’ immediate resignation as Executive Chairman of the Board of BTC.

The October 2010 report of Providence Advisors Limited shows that as of September 30th 2010 the company had over $55 million of BTC’s Employment Retirement Pension Plan under their management. Julian Francis is the Chairman of this Providence Advisors.

The PLP has seen no evidence of any bidding process nor has the PLP seen any evidence of any proper bidding process for this company to assume the management of over $55 Million of the employee pension fund. As a result of this contract that Julian Francis awarded to himself, he positioned himself and Providence Advisors Limited to be paid in excess of $400,000 per annum for the past 3 years.

This is a total of $1,200,000 in fees that Julian Francis awarded to this company and from which Julian Francis benefited. The PLP calls upon Julian Francis to make public the entire process by which this Company of which he is Chairman got $1,200,000.00 of the BTC employees’ money.

Alphonso “Bogaloo” Elliott

This is not the first contact that Julian Francis has awarded to himself and a company in which he is involved. In 2007 the Management of BTC, established a tender process for the purpose of establishing a Partnership Agreement with a Bahamian Company to facilitate the payment of SMS messages electronically.

Despite the fact that bids had already been sent out, Julian Francis Chairman of BTC instructed the Executive Management Team of BTC to meet a company called Mango with the view to utilizing their services in a Profit Sharing/Partnership Agreement with BTC regarding SMS messaging. Julian Francis is the Chairman and a Shareholder of Mango. Mango had not participated in the bidding process.

In 1993 Alphonso “Bogaloo” Elliott, a close friend and personal of Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and then Vice Chairman of Batelco was forced to resign by Ingraham over a conflict of interest matter concerning the sale of a small sum of goods to Batelco from Bahamas Welding & Fire which is owned by Mr. Elliott. What decision will the Prime Minister now make concerning this gross and blatant conflict of interest with Julian Francis?

The PLP reminds the public that during Julian Francis’ Chairmanship of BTC, Cable and Wireless did not participate in the established bidding process to acquire shares of BTC.

Julian Francis is apparently exhibiting a pattern of behavior whereby he directs or causes to be directed millions of dollars in business to himself and or companies in which he has an interest or over which he has control.

The PLP calls for Julian Francis’ immediate resignation and for the police to commence investigations into this pattern of behavior and whether any offenses have been committed under the Prevention of Bribery Act.


  1. One thing I can say about all of whats taking place in this country is the fact that NO one governing party that has ever taken lead of this country has decided that enough is enough. Everyone comes in and campaigns and say what they are GOING to do and never ever do it.

    Corruption seems to be a national standard around here and the funny part about it is, its not that we people sit back and allow it to happen, but it’s the fact that the govt put laws in place where as the small man will never make it. The real problem will be when the international front looks at us and considers us a serous risk to their country/economy. Then what? Dollar devalues? Once that happens, we are really finished.

  2. so many of them caught with their hands in the cookie jar do the police care no but if it was me and you they would take us long time before the court white color crime goes unpunished in the Bahamas even if one report it it dont matter to them

  3. This is matter Tommy Turnquest who has charge as minister for BTC and the Police to seriously investigate.


  4. That’s a great list you have there,let’s see how long you can make the FNM corruption list now?, I dare you to do it, in fact, I double dare you, there’s not just one side doing it, all you guys show your biasness, hypocricy and pettiness, by only taking one side, I hit the FNM because they are the government,when the PLP was in, I hit them also for their stupidness, man up wrong, and know right from wrong.

  5. Wong, stop trying to deflect attention away from Julian Francis corruption! Corruption takes place in both PLP and FNM administrations. So please let’s get real!

    EXPOSE all of these greedy politicans! Great work BP

  6. Wrong is a PSYCHO TALKER and rather respond to subject at hand seeks to divert attention from the issue at hand. He has the mind set of his King HI. Julian has been caught with his hands deep in the cookie jar, rather than call on Hubert Ingraham to fire Julian Francis and call in the police based on the FNM code of practice he seeks to divert attention. Psycho Talker has no shame.

  7. you see why this country cant get any better,whiles the criminals rob people with guns in the and women in click set htem selves up for life by being placed on these government boards to set up deals for them selves,their family and their lovers.god save the bahamas.

    • Bp look at this how on earth a person can lease a property release it out to a company didnt do what the company say to do turn a round and rent it out to other people what would you call that the police need to do their job when a report comes in they need to stop been lazy or because they know this person do your job , when someone walk in a station and make a complain look after it dont just talk crash

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