Roberts: “Who Is Greg Gomez?”- Curry Is ‘Son Of The Soil’


PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts

by Sasha Lightbourne

Renardo Curry is the best candidate for Abaconians, according to Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts, who is openly questioning FNM candidate Greg Gomez’s commitment to the North Abaco constituency now up for grabs with the resignation of former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham as the Member of Parliament for the area on Friday.

“As August 31 comes and goes, an era comes to an end creating both a new beginning and an electoral vacancy in the North Abaco Constituency that will culminate with the return of North Abaco to the family of the PLP,” Mr. Roberts said.

“As we turn our attention to the impending by-election, the pertinent issues are the party that has articulated the best national plan for the future of this country and the candidate best suited represent the needs of the people at the constituency level. The questions of the national plan and the party best suited to execute this plan were answered loud and clear on May 7th.”

He did not give a concrete date for the by-election.

Sources have told the Bahama Journal however that the election could be held this month.

“We in the PLP believe that we have presented as our candidate a next-generation leader who is a young, exciting and energetic son of the soil in the name of Renardo Curry,” he said.


He is a father, husband and community leader who served on the local council in North Abaco. He is a youth leader and role model who represents all that is good and positive about Abaconians and especially young Bahamian males in general. The people of Abaco and The Bahamas know Renardo Curry. He has articulated his vision for the continued development of Abaco and the same is widely known through expansive debate and critique in the public domain.”

The Free National Movement’s candidate is Greg Gomez.

“This is in stark contrast to the candidate nominated by the FNM,” Mr. Roberts said.

“Who is Greg Gomez? What does he believe in? What is his track record in the communities of North Abaco and what is his vision for the Constituency of North Abaco that he desires to represent? Where has he resided over the past eleven years? The people of North Abaco want to know these basic and necessary facts about those who propose to represent their interests. Regrettably these basic and necessary facts remain a mystery – shrouded in closely guarded secrecy by Mr. Gomez and his enabling FNM.”

Mr. Roberts said the PLP welcomes a lively debate between Mr. Curry and Mr. Gomez about the future of North Abaco in this upcoming by-election campaign as they fight for the hearts and minds of the people of North Abaco.

“We in the PLP are verily convinced that Renardo Curry is the best choice to represent the interests of the people of North Abaco given his tenacity, commitment and contribution to the civic life of and continued development of North Abaco,” he said.

Mr. Ingraham served as MP for the North Abaco constituency for 35 years.

He was never defeated.

During the general election, the FNM only captured nine seats. The PLP won 29 seats.

Initially, Mr. Ingraham’s resignation was scheduled to take effect on July 19, the day he was first elected to Parliament.

However, that was postponed as Mr. Ingraham said he wanted to give his party more time to select a candidate for the by-election.

Mr. Ingraham did, however, tender his resignation to House Speaker Dr. Kendal Major, who according to Mr. Ingraham had agreed to allow him to deliver his farewell speech, but that never happened.