Roberts Should Have Stopped, Reviewed & Cancelled Alleged Rape


fnm-2Statement from FNM Communications Unit

It is unfortunate that PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts should continuously seek to politicize the Royal Bahamas Police Force and, in particular, Reginald Ferguson, the out-going Commissioner of Police.

While commending the Government on the announcement of the appointment of Ellison Greenslade as Acting Commissioner of Police, Roberts was unable to resist, once again making nasty personal attacks upon the out-going Commissioner of Police Reginald Ferguson.

Reasonable people naturally wonder, what is the cause of all this personal animosity towards the present Commissioner of Police?

It appears that Bradley Roberts’ personal vendetta against Commissioner of Police Reginald Ferguson is related to the decision of the Royal Bahamas Police Force to properly investigate and to forward to the Office of the Attorney General the corroborated criminal complaint of having been raped, made against then Cabinet Minister Bradley Roberts, by a business woman.

Instead of berating the Police and Commissioner Ferguson for having done their job — and prattling the PLP propaganda line about “stop, review and cancel” — we would suggest that, in hindsight, the embarrassing matter might have been totally avoided if Mr. Roberts had displayed the good sense to “stop, review and cancel” his own alleged intention to have sex with a woman against her will.


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  2. @bahngr,
    ngr what you talkin about? Roberts comments aren’t about foolishness. The Prime Minister all but admitted that appointing Ferguson as COP was a mistake and a political move. He has decided to correct this by the appointment of Greenslade. Bravo to him because late is better than never realizing that he is human and prone to making mistakes.
    Roberts highlighted this mistake by pointing out how flawed Mr Ferguson was from the start. He is a well established politician who has served the Bahamas with distinction. The charges against him were political in nature and Officer Ferguson played a major role in advancing this embarrassing episode. As a member of the clergy and an officer of the law, this man, Reginald Ferguson was weighed in the balance and found defective.Save the nonsense and speak some sense.

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  4. Way to drop it Mr. Roberts, I like to see this kind a fight, when people throw dirt, throw back facts at them, now this is true democracy, OK your turn FNM Com Unit, let’s see what you got, Mr. Roberts was throwing blows bey!. BP ya’ll gat to love this.

  5. Let me see how many jobs this statement created??? ???????????????????!
    Bradley Roberts can comment on foolishness if he wants to. He is not the Prime Minister, cabinet member or even elected official. However the party of the government of the day needs to be aboutthe people’s business.

  6. @Russell Johnson
    Russell, the tone and topic of this press release by the FNM speaks volumes.

    With the country in dire economic straights and the crime situation out of control, the FNM chooses to put emphasis on Bradly Roberts. Why? Because they dont want the focus to be on their poor record in governance since they took office. They have no response to crime or the economic situation.

    Where is their press release on their crime strategy?

    Where is their press release on the new economic initiatives?

    They are silent on crime and the economic solutions, but they want to talk about Bradly Roberts?

    They tried the same distraction ploy with the marital rape bill. Its all a big distraction that the FNM is trying to pull. When one distraction has ran its course, another one comes to take its place!

    Bahamians dont be fooled again!

  7. Breaking News<<< Women’s dorm at HR Magesty’s Prison is now engulf in flames. We understand the fire is now under control. No one was harm.

  8. This investigation of Mr Roberts is exactly why Reginald Ferguson was made COP. He was and is a political flunkie who engaged in political persecution for the FNM and many on the force know it. No charges were ever brought by the AG’s office because they were without merit. It was an example of an alleged affair gone sour and a scorned woman seeking revenge.

  9. ….because the Commissioner of Police’s appointment and everything surrounding him is highly political, you FNM dummies.We critisized you numbskulls for appointing Ferguson Commissioner and we told you that he was the worst choice Ingraham could make but you ignored the good advice given.As it turned out Ferguson was more than a wrong choice; he was a disgrace to the force. Now the PLP’s Chairman is saying that Greenslade is a right choice, and the Chairman is reminding you, numbskulls, that your choice of Ferguson, in the face of good advice from the PLP and the Public, was a bad one and we will not let you forget it. I submit that Greenslade was not really Ingraham’s choice for Commissioner, but he(Ingraham) knew he couldn’t get away with appointing anybody else and by- pass Greenslade. I know; the PLP knows; Greenslade and the public know that Ingraham doesn’t like the best bone in Greenslade.

  10. What a stupid statement as the COP Paul Farquharson had determined with his management team that no eveidence existed to prefer a charge but the goat Reginald Ferguson went behind the then COP back and tried to hatch charges.We all see that this did not stop as he tried to do the same thing in a Murder case and Justice Isaacs rebuked and condemned him resulting in his forced retirement.Yes William you are right as we all remeber that earluier this year the wutless Govt retired many senior Policemen and women and now crime is totally out of control.The FNM should have stopped cancelled and reviewed that spiteful act.Many Bahamians would be alive if the wutless Goovt had used common sense and not political intuitions.

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