Rodney Moncur J.P. Denied Access to Fort Charlotte

Political Activist Rodney Moncur - The Emperor of Black Village.

7th February 20100

Minister of Tourism,
Ministry of Tourism,
Nassau, Bahamas,

Dear Minister,

Re: Discriminatory practices at Fort Charlotte

I am the owner and operator of Taxi # 860. On Saturday past, God blessed me with a two hours tour. My tour started from the Hilton Hotel at 11 a.m.

We proceeded to Fort Charlotte. Upon my arrival, I attempted to drive through the gate of the fort to take my guests ( four of them) on a ride around it.

A female security officer stopped me and told me that I was not allowed to drive through. I asked her why and she told me that only Majestic Tours and The Bahamas Taxi Cab Union are allowed to drive through. I told her that this was discriminatory and I would obey her, but on Monday, I shall call upon you to break down this wall of discrimination and special interest protection which your Party and government are practicing. I had to find away to make up to the tourist and accordingly extended their tour for an additional hour. That as a result of that tour on Saturday, in which the tourist held a luncheon in my honour and paid me very well, I am able to put a little something on my bill at The Bahamas Mortgage Corporation. I demand the right to take my tourist through the gates of Fort Charlotte in the same manner that Majestic Tours and The Bahamas Taxi Cab Union are allowed to do it and an apology forthwith.

Mr. Minister of Tourism break down that wall of discrimination and special interest at Fort Charlotte forthwith.

Yours faithfully

Rodney Moncur

CC: Prime Minister
Minister of Youth & Sports
The media


  1. Hey Mr. Moncur, first tour in a few years huh. This practice has been in place for a while now. I believe if two Companies can go through, then all Cabs on tour should. This a form of economic discrimination.

  2. Joey, I play the cards that are dealt. Anyone who thinks racism is dead is in denial. A glance at the racism encountered by America’s black president confirms this. Yes he did win, but there are persons who will always reject him because of his race. You see the world through your tints, and I will see it unvarnished. Blessings to you.

  3. I Support Mr. Moncur in his protest. Just because something as always been the policy doesn’t make it right. Personally I think all should be blocked from entering or all allowed to enter. I don’t think its about white vs. black, but small man vs. the big man. The government should always protect the interest of the average Bahamian.

  4. hound from hell you mentioned majestic tours but failed to mention the taxi cab union who is made up of mostly black people from over the hill.Why do you continue to play the race card game .you should find out the policy of the fort before you make these statments that has no relevance.

  5. Mr. Moncur is not being overly dramatic! Why should any Bahamian taxi driver be excluded from driving through the gates when Majestic Tours (literally owned by Eastern Road) is allowed to do so. You know that could not happen under Sir Lynden or Arthur Hanna. The difference here is the leader which the Bahamas endures: he is the puppet of the monied interests. Lord I know that we chose him, but man this yoke is really hard to bear. Ingraham starts from the premise that Bahamians of colour are inferior, whereas Sir Lynden started from the premise that we are as good as anyone anywhere in the world. That is why Ingraham is so vicious and uncivil. He sees himself as the overseer on the plantation….Massa will see him straight!!!

    • Newsflash: Majestic Tours is owned by 1 (ONE) Man that lives in High Vista, hardly Eastern Road. Stop hating on someone just because they are white and own a successful business.

      • hey terry, I have the same. But the question is, does majestic tours AND the taxi Union make a contribution to the fort (not a bribe). It isn’t bout his business or his success. Its about every man being equal. If we cant get it right over an old derelict Fort. How can we get it right when it really counts.

        It digs to the root of a fundamental problem in Bahamian society. We are simply not all equal.

  6. Mr. Moncur,

    You need to stop being a big drama queen trying to start trouble. For how long has that gate at Fort Charlotte been closed? Several Years now. Everyone has to walk up to the Fort. No discrimination against you.

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