Community calls for Rogue Officers to be removed



Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade articulating his new NONSENSE crime policy. [file photo].

Long Island, BahamasLong Islanders are holding their hands in the air and are organizing as we write calling on the Commissioner of Police to remove rogue officers wreaking havoc from their community.

When criminals aren’t making machete moves on tourists crooked police officers are shaking down and intimidating locals.

The shocking news from Long Island confirmed residents have banded themselves together and are calling on the COP for assistance.

We are told an officer has been handling local residents in the most unchristian manner, shaking them down whenever and wherever he can for money. One local resident told us, “The officer needs to remove before something dangerous happens to him. We know he has made his decrepit behaviour known to guests staying on the island and is peddling them also for money.”

Bahamas Press is now on the island investigating the said officer, and what we have discovered happening with the men in uniform is indeed shocking. BP and our deep throat in the government traveled to Long Island early Saturday morning following these complaints and residents tell crooked officers in the community goes against every level of decency and ethics.

We were also informed of a recent incident involving the Officer-in-Charge of Long Island who along with another rogue police officer who was recently sent back to Nassau. The officers allegedly came across a boatload of illegal persons trafficking cocaine and artillery of weapons into the county. BP is advised the said senior officer along with his dangerous cohorts confiscated the entire load of cocaine discovered on the vessel and failed to report the incident to the capital . We were also advised the illegal were allowed to get away.

If these stories are true, and we have no reason to doubt the voracity of our sources, the Commissioner of Police Mr. Ellison Greenslade need to act and act immediately on this situation.

BP can confirm the said officer-in-charge of Long Island is indeed now in the capital.


  1. So this ain gon be another one of them “investigations” that the RBPF “claims” to be carrying out that is never resolved ay? and nothing is ever discovered. and they just go ahead and transfer these same cops to another island just to do it all over again, because aint that why these cops are even on long island to begin with. smft.

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