Writer offer solution to Traffic problem


STUBBS SUGGESTIONS FOR Bahamas Traffic Control Programme January 2010

Dear Editor:

I have read many newspaper articles and watched and listened to numerous radio and TV stories on the traffic situation that we have here in New Providence, but no one has addressed the need for manpower to assist with the problems and the new road designs now taking place.

Therefore, I am attaching a proposed programme that took four months to prepare in an effort to bring some relief to the unemployed, to the major traffic problems in New Providence and for collection of millions of dollars in unpaid taxes.

Copies were hand-delivered the week of February 8, 2010, to the Prime Minister’s office, to officer Carolyn Bowe at police traffic division in Chesapeake Road and to Brad Smith at Road Traffic Dept., Thompson Blvd.

Only Mr. Smith acknowledged receipt of the programme booklet. A call to the Prime Minister’s office confirmed that his office has received it. No word from Ms. Bowe as yet.

By the end of April I will wrap up a road design that I think could help ease the flow of traffic throughout the busy areas of New Providence, particularly East Street, Blue Hill Road, Montague, Marathon, Prince Charles, etc., which I have been graphically designing since last summer. I am recommending the employment and training of traffic control officers who can help with the traffic problems.

You are welcome to share the attachment programme with your readers.

– Tommy P. Stubbs
Former News/Sports Reporter