Rollins comes out attacking the FNM leaking communications by the party to the press….AGAIN!


FNMs greased by PAPA continue to attack the organization! Civil War is about to breakout within the PARTY!

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Nassau, Bahamas — The rift deep inside the Free National Movement got deeper today after rogue MP Andre Rollins has asked the Leader of the Party to include Dr. Duane Sands in the Parliamentary team.

In what appears to be emails or letters obtained by the Nassau Guardian – just like the emails of Save The Bays – an exchange of conversations by MPs was disclosed. In one of the communications, St. Anne’s MP Hubert Chipmen described the FNM as a parked car going nowhere. Loretta Butler-Turner suggested there be a greater display of unity in the conversation within the FNM!

Our question is simple: why was it necessary for Rollins to write to the leaders of the Party when he was bought politically and he picked up his funds from the Royal Bank? From the looks of things, perhaps those funds have run out and now the attack on the Party and its leader continues.

Bahamas Press has learned this is just the first stage of chaos within the FNM. Over the weekend former FNM Leader Hubert Ingraham was in Exuma for the Family Island Regatta and was welcomed by 20 FNMs.

While just a few FNMs greeted Minnis at the airport, the support for the New Incoming PLP Candidate for Exuma was like the Mayor set to open Parliament on that island. Chester Cooper is widely loved and many believe he has already locked down the constituency.

But the great irony in all this was the fact that it appeared that former FNM Cabinet Minister Phenton Neymour is talking with the DNA. Sources confirmed Neymour wants the nomination, but could not buy it from Minnis. That’s tough.

Minnis wants former Ambassador Joshua Sears to become the candidate. However, constituents have rejected him as a candidate and pledged they will not support the FNM if Sears is nominated.

Meanwhile it looks like all in the FNM base are prepared to lose an election that is just months away. Party leaders are getting ready to politically gang Minnis and take away the leadership post as pressure sets in nearer to the big day.

And while Rollins was trying to advise Minnis to bring in Dr. Sands, who he ferociously attacked during the Elizabeth Election in 2010, all is not well in his own constituency. Rollins attempted to hold a meeting in Fort Charlotte and only a handful a residents showed up. Rollins vanished for years from a constituency office in Fort Charlotte and right now, months from a general election, is hiding from residents like a mental patient.

What has made things worse is that the former MP and People’s Champion Alfred Sears is back and has been ratified as the PLP candidate for Fort Charlotte. We hear Rollins is having nightmares and is now prepared to beat up on Minnis as he refused to send him to a new seat to spare the cut ass to come.

We report yinner decide!

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