Royal Bahamas Defence Force Performs Charitable Tasks



Leading Seaman Onassis Ferguson of Entry 26 of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force presenting an item to a patron at the Unity House, East Street South.  Standing beside him are some of the members of his squad.

Nassau, The Bahamas
– As a way of assisting the less fortunate within the local community, some members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force celebrated its milestone by giving back to a local charitable organization.

The Officers and Marines of Entry twenty-six (26) saw it fit to celebrate 18 years on the Force by donating a variety of items to the elderly and senior citizens of Unity House.  The 27 men, who all joined the Defence Force on January 8th 1990 decided to donate some food goods and sanitary items to the residents.

The Administration section of the Force was also busy playing a generous role in helping a local community.  The men and women visited the Children’s Emergency Hostel, where they were in a myriad of tasks.  Along with the cutting and removal of trees and branches, they were also busy painting various sections of the home, and making repairs to some parts of the building.

These are just some of the projects which the Officers and Marines of the Defence Force are involved with, as a small gesture of lending a helping hand wherever possible, as they continue to protect the territorial sovereignty of The Bahamas