Sad traffic fatality on the streets of Eastern Road…

Fatality on Eastern Road

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting scenes from that traffic fatality on the Eastern Road this evening which claimed the life of a motorist.

Now as we understand it two men were struck off their motorbike sometime just after 6:30 PM on Tuesday evening.

Dr Patrice Laing, who was at home when she heard the accident outside, was on the scene immediately with towels and her stethoscope and attended to a young man lying across the road with severe head injuries. She checked his vitals and covered him up respectfully when he eventually expired.

The driver left the scene of the accident leaving both of the men on the bike injured. One suffered serious lacerations and trauma to the head. 

Friends of the deceased arrived and one distraught young man pulled the towel away and kept prodding him and calling to him, ‘Squiggy wake up, Dog” Up to this time police could not be found. They showed up much later. The scene was chaotic.

We report yinner decide!