When Leaders Lie!

Dr. Delon Brennen and PM Hubert Minnis.

NASSAU| We usually add in “What in Da Hell is Dis” to our reports, but tonight we ga start with, “What in Da Hell is Dis” because we can’t believe Minnis and his minions have taken their lying to a whole new level.

What in Da Hell is Dis??!! Minnis is da Lying King and if Bahamians think we joking, from this day on count how many lies Minnis tells in a week. Lies! Lies! Lies!! So the latest lie Minnis is telling us is that Dr. Delon Brennen is doing his work from Maryland. What in Da Hell is Dis??!! So the government of the Bahamas has taken work from home or virtual work to another level. 

When we reported in August that Dr. Brennen was resigning (two months to this very date), he said he was not. Ask him how much work he has done since then. He resigned!! What we want to tell Minnis is that when you try to cover up things, at least use a good shovel and plenty nice dirt. Don’t use a little bit of sand and leave the man’s legs hanging out. In other words, if you ga lie, at least lie and make it believable.

Dr. Brennen is working in the United States and not for the government of the Bahamas. He got sick of Minnis and the Ministry of Health’s you know what, tendered his resignation and skipped town.

Minnis, out of shame, is hanging on to a lie and living in denial, by saying the man is still employed with the Ministry of Health and working from home in the United States because he wants to be with his family.

When since Minnis gives a rat’s bongey about anyone being around their family when he, like most men round here, has a million and one sweethearts and outside ‘chirren’ what he don’t want us to start talking about.

He don’t care about Dr. Brennen being with his family, he is just trying to save face. Minnis doesn’t want to admit that his world is crumbling around him. The House of Cards is falling down and poor Delon Brennen is caught in the rumbles. 

What Dr. Brennen needs to do is come clean and tell the nation that he jumped off of the Minnis ship a long time ago and skipped town instead of covering for Minnis. 

Minnis, we want to put you on notice. When you stood up and lied to the press Tuesday morning, no one believed you. Da press, as wutless as they are, knew you were lying. Guess what? You don’t speak to the press! You disrespect the press at all times! How all of a sudden you find your mouth to speak to them but let out all kind of lying utterances out your throat? Dey might be lousy, but dey aint stupid!

People of the Bahamas!! Here our voice at BP!! Do not listen to one fart (we don’t want to cuss) what this man name Minnis is telling you. PLPs know he is a liar! FNMs know he is a liar!! The Lying King is his name, but his ma called him Minnis.

We Report!! Yinna Decide!!!