Sam Williams denounces Prime Minister Ingraham’s Blacklisting Techniques – Calls it Communism; Engineering Board questionable motives

Sam Williams, President – IDS Global Atlanta, Georgia.

Another Bahamian need fall victim to Ingraham “Bahamians NEED NOT APPLY” POLICY!

I am a Bahamian professional Transportation Engineer currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A, and the president of IDS Global, a Transportation and Highway Engineering firm in Atlanta.

Early this year, the official list of engineers permitted to work in the Bahamas was published and my name was omitted. I questioned the Director of Works and he referred me to the Engineer’s Board, to whom I submitted an application on February 9, 2011, which has yet to be approved.

I have always supported the idea of an engineer’s bill, and the regulation of the practice of engineering in the Bahamas.

I believe that the at the Bahamas Professional Board of Engineering Board is obligated to conduct their business fairly and without bias, and I am questioning whether the board is acting fairly and I am concerned that executive members may be acting in a manner to provide an unfair advantage to either themselves or other engineers less qualified to do Transportation Engineering.

PAPA in his morning suit look like dress.

Prior to the passing of the Bahamas Professional Engineer’s Bill, I was registered as a professional Engineer on a formal list held by the Minister of Works. It is my belief that the Engineering Board and the Minister of Works made an error by referencing the list of professional engineer to be rolled into the status of professional engineers upon the passing of the engineers Bill 2004, from the list of engineers then held by the Bahamas Society of Engineers. Instead, they should have used the list of Professional Engineers held at the Ministry of Works.

It was not my intention to embarrass anyone, but the matter is what it is. How can the government overlook its own list of professional engineers, and go to a social society to obtain an official list for registration? This is clearly an oversight, and the manner in which both the Board and the Government has failed to address the issue properly suggest that it was deliberate than error, and rather than swiftly correct this error, the Ingraham Administration and the Engineering Board appear to be upset that someone pointed out the mistake that was made.

Blacklisting & Traits of Communism

I am also concerned that the Ingraham Administration is engaging in “Blacklisting,” namely denying fair and equal opportunities to individuals whom the current Prime Minister or executives of the Ingraham administration disapprove of.

I sincerely believe that while the Board has their motives, ultimately they take their cues from the Ingraham Administration.

The issue of Blacklisting is extremely concerning, especially seeing the curious and cozy relationship that the FNM has with Communist Cuba and Communist China, two of the world’s leading communist countries renown for the abusive treatment of their own citizens. It should be a concern to all Bahamians whether the increasing relationship with China will result in harsher and even acts criminality by the government against law abiding Bahamians.

I am accusing the Prime Minister of taking an Idi Amin approach to governing. He is basically patrolling the Bahamas and giving and taking from whomsoever he pleases.

Previous Issues
This is not my first run in with the Ingraham Administration. In 1994 I accused the Ingraham Administration of covering up wrongdoing against me as a Ministry of Works employee during his first term as PM in 1992. The matter concerned internal disputes at MOW about my engineering scholarship application denial.

Documents are available to support my accusations against MOW administrators, who in 1994 falsified documents to imply that I was involved in criminal activities in efforts to justify their denying me a scholarship.

When I complained to the then Minister of Works Frank Watson and then to the Prime Minister, they were arrogant and rather that resolve the matter, sought to victimize me. There are documents and persons who can easily verify these statements.

Only after I demonstrated publicly in front of MOW (story covered in Nassau Guardian around Dec 1994) and then complained to the US Embassy did the MOW grant me the scholarship, which was taken back shortly thereafter without reason or justification.

I am also a political cartoonist, having worked for 13 tears for the Nassau guardian, for which I received the 1976 Silver Jubilee award. In this vein, I question whether either the Ingraham Administration is being politically vindictive. In either case, there is no rational for denying me registration.

The bottom line is that there is too much political interference in just about every avenue of business in the Bahamas. It is only a matter of time before the Bahamas begins to falsely imprison individuals for their political views.



  1. I am an individual Born in the Bahamas who will run for office of Prime Minister. I’m sick of the overall corruption of this beautiful country. I want to bring it back to the economy it was before it gained its independence from England. Jobs for everyone and prosperity, period.

  2. This happens under every administration . Yall PLP did this for 25 years under Pindling and now yall want to complain. How much uneducated people was given jobs @ Batelco and could hardly read or write but just because they were PLP they got the job. Please be fair but BP I think its hard for you to do so because of your bias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Here we go again – we pointing fingers again knowing good and damn well that this is what happens in FNM, PLP, and ABC, DEFG… parties here in the Bahamas.

    So with that fact in mind lets talk about what US Bahamains who have allowed our Government to become over the years. This did not happen just last night – it been going on for a while but I guess now that it is elections time we have the gall to speak about it and bring it to a head.

    Because of our gang-like mentality (yeah I said that but before you run off and blow it out of context keep reading!) – the one that says “..I for yellow, or red and now maybe even green”- we have allowed politics to draw even deeper lines in the sand between our own brotheren. All of us are Bahamians but we act and carry on so ignorantly with a group-think mentality when it comes to elections. This brings me to my comment on the basis of Mr. William’s Letter to the Editor…

    I too am a Bahamian educated and working in the U.S. but at the end of the day that does not diminish one bit my love and care for my homeland – the Bahamas. There are certain so-called local professionals who got their professional jobs by party affiliation and not on true merit and therefore they have huge opinions on who “real-Bahamians” are. If you leave the box (I mean the island) to get a rounded world view and education “… you are not considered a real Bahamian, tru-tru Bahamian” no more under their standards. They are so maniacal and menacing that they truly believe they can strip you of your nationality because you don’t talk that real bullshit (local) talk no more. Did you know that if you made a choice to elevate your thinking you can be declassified as not a true Bahamian? Boy that’s something hey…

    This is the level of ignorance that is stifling the true growth and potential in the country. The selfish nature of local politics have created a “dumb ’em down” culture where locals are all mesmerized by the red, yellow and what ever color it is of the day rhetorical speeches and over the top drinking rallies that they can’t think independently and intelligently no more.

    They are quick to kick out anyone who is not speaking that language because they fear and are threatened knowing you are smarter and know better than to accept the scams that most locals run on each other to get over. They fear you knowing that you will no longer buy into the take it or leave it mentality that is smothering the life out of the country. It is this phenomena that is sinking the country fast. They continue to perpetuate a myth that you (educated ones) are coming to take something away from the Bahamas that you are no longer entitled to because you choose to go and educate yourself and get other perspectives and views of life when in is something that should be embraced but is instead denied because God forbid we have some independent thinkers running the country and bringing some order and respect back to our homeland.

    One commenter already attacked saying “how long you been gone my brother”? What does that matter? Do you really consider him “YOUR BROTHER” or being a sarcastic smartazz like most of the defensive “professionals” locally?

    Ya’ll know lawyers are the main ones on the take and will “F” you over and leave you hanging. So why even go that route? The Bahamaian legal system is what what should truly govern the land; the Government is just the Administration and should only have the ability to administer and maintain the constitutional bylaws of the Bahamas. Until we as a people attack the core issues then nothing will ever change. We can not get to the core issues cause we are too busy trying to rush in yellow, red, green or whatever color of the day it is; we keep getting swept by the political hype which once it is over – then we scratch our heads and wake up with the hangover and ask too late – what the hell did I just do????? KEEP GETTING BAMBOOZLED! For God’s sake, wake the F UP and get your heads out the damn sand man – we gotta be bigger than this political bs that is working us all over like we is damn machines …


  4. Lets see…if it aint the FNM doing it now its the PLP doing it later.

    Wen will anyone realize its all a ploy by both parties to grease and support thier cornies.

    The diff..

    The FNM does it under the veil of its empowering businesses agenda
    The PLP does it under the veil of empowering the poor agenda

  5. Come see whats going on in abaco, Only FNMs getting jobs.. if u is a PLP dog eat your lunch in abaco.. Customs and Immigration full a them young FNMs. Check it out if u don’t belive me. It just aint right man.

  6. we all sit on are *** and allow one man to walk all over us. even a dog when u walk on him he back off and move on but we bahamians sit back and do nothing. can u imaging if obama do what ing-rum is doing he will be on the next thing smoking out that white house the PM is no different than kadafi who will kill his own for power we don’t even have a hand full of men with balls to put together a piece full march to over throw this jackass we call PM shame on us.

  7. Hey man why the hell you don’t stop crying. you seem to be doin well for yourself in the US. stay there and make some money. If it ain’t the FNM “victimizing” you, then it will be the PLP victimizing someone else.

    But it seems that your gripe should be at the Board and not the government.
    I am sure you know the reason why they don’t have you listed. Please enlighten us.

    Finally, if there is no justification for your absence from the list then you can push to have your name included. You have been away from the Bahamas too long it seems, because you said that you submitted the application in Feb.2011, it is only May 7 ma brudder, you expect miracles eh?

  8. I concur with all Mr.Willams has said. I am a professional and received my education in the state of Georgia, and presently, I am seeking relocation there in 4 months. It is just to much nepotism and favoritism in “ALL” systems in the Bahamas, and it will remain the so, and our country will never get back to being fair to all and especially the under priviledge.The people with the know how is marginalized and never given a chance to show case their education and experiences they have gained in other countries. It is sad,only friends, family and lovers of the FNM goverment is getting the lion share of the pie. What harm is being done to the Bahamian people. Wake up Bahamas.

  9. sad to say this is happening now. this fnm government has bring our country to a all time low. when you have a PM that walk up in the local man face and cuss him out and tell his own bahamians need not aply to buy our own btc you know we get a big problem this man is sick..

  10. Amen. I can back what you’re saying, from personal experinces, particularly with Carl Bethel when he was Minister of Education. If you perceved to be PLP you, or your children names will be omited of the scholarship list, even if they obtain 8 BGCSE with Grades of A’s and B’s. & Graduate in the top 1% of your class. FNM – VICTIMIZATION

  11. Mr. Williams if I was sir I would retain an attorney right away and take it to court. I am sure there are other professionals in your field in the Bahamas and overseas that may have suffer the same fate. Further more, they might have given up on being listed and recognized by this politically biased board.

  12. I hope many read between the lines and understand what this contributor says about the policies of this outgoing Govt.FNM supporters should take time out and look in the mirror and decide if they are going to continue to support a spiteful,oppressive callous,vindictive Govt.Look around and see the plight of your brothers and sisters then all of you would do the right thing in overthrowing Papa as your Leader before the next Gen Elects.

  13. BP. Mr. Williams confirms what i have said all along. The FNM truly believes that you can build a nation and at the same time exclude our best and brightest.This policy is doomed to failure and the daily disintegration of our country and its infrastructure is clear evidence of this.The Bahamas does not have the luxury of a large pool of talent.So, to exclude professionals from the process purely for political purposes is not only wrongheaded but self defeating.Small wonder then that our university graduates are not returning. Indeed, why should return to the Bahamas to be frustrated and marginalized? They harsh truth is that university graduates do not report to high school dropouts. The sooner that the PM and his flunkeys realise this, the better.

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