Sands’ threat and support to EVICT BAHAMIANS is hurting FNM campaign on the Ground


FNM Bad Candidate in Elizabeth, Duane Sands, plan to evict mortgage holders out of their homes are hurting FNMs candidate all across the country. Sands told a radio audience he support the idea of lending institutions throwing Bahamians onto the streets.

Nassau, Bahamas — Scores of residents with mortgages in foreclosure are mad as hell following the comments of FNM Senator Duane Sands, who has threatened to go after Bahamas Mortgage Corp. [BMC] holders.

Sands, who called the people of Elizabeth “greedy” two years ago, has now ordered BMC officials to throw single mothers onto the streets after falling on hard times.

The comments of the heartless Godless doctor have made it difficult for FNM candidates campaigning on the ground, and even more difficult for him to begin his campaign.

One FNM candidate worker in a southern constituency was recently threatened with a bucket of piss after BEC disconnected a resident electricity supply on Friday afternoon. The poorly managed BEC under the FNM has had a hard time keeping the lights on even after thousands of residents paid their exorbitant bills. The angry woman told the female candidate’s campaign worker, “You think this right? I come home without my Friday pay, three of my children are unemployed, the bank want kick us out perhaps on the advice of Sands and BEC ga do this to me on a Friday? Boy, these suckers gone!”

Papa stress right out as campaign collapses before it starts after generals told to take a hike...

Ingraham’s Son-In-law packs up and leaves wife and children…

Meanwhile, back at Papa’s ranch, family problems have hit home. BP has been reliably informed that the paper Bahamian husband of one of Papa’s daughters has packed up with his Bahamian citizenship granted by the FNM, and has left for Canada leaving his two children behind.

News of the developments were discussed at the dinner table of Papa and were overheard by a senior FNM general.

The general we are told said to another, “I told Papa and Brent what they were doing with the citizenship for votes policy will one day backfire and hurt the average Bahamian. And now it has hit home all right. It has hit Papa’s home!”

Some tell us Papa’s daughter is hoping her ex’s citizenship could be revoked before her father is kicked out of office, which could come in less then 30 days from now.

We report yinner decide.


  1. Good Doctor, lousy politician,

    You were given a position as chairman of mortgage Corp. We have laws that deals with delinquent persons. He also as the full arsenal of Government to take what ever legal action required or necessary. But like the other politicians in HAI cabinet , they try to be tough like their puppet master. Time is not long for them and every rope has an end.

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