South Abaco front-runner cites frustration with daily power outages

Plenty love lock support to PLP South Abaco Candidate Gary Sawyer.

I feel it is incumbent of me as a concerned and frustrated Abaconian, and as the next Member of Parliament for Central & South Abaco to demand answers to an issue of primary concern for Abaconians.

The vexing issue of daily power outages in an already depressed economy is having a serious and negative effect on the survival of Abaco. As I am preparing this press release, THE POWER IS OFF!!!

Abaconians are constantly being inconvenienced with power outages day and night. When will this nightmare end? Where is our government and ministers on this serious problem? Obviously, MUM IS THE WORD!

We, the taxpayers have paid in excess of 100 million dollars and counting and the end is no where in sight. Where was the planning? Without vision, the people will perish.

How much more do we have to pay to get efficient power to our settlements and communities of Abaco? THIS IS 2012 NOT 1912!!! It is time to get this right, something this administration has not been able to achieve.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and publicly commend the workers and linesmen at BEC, for their constant dedication and service to Abaco. They go above and beyond the call of duty working late hours to restore electricity to affected areas. They deserve to be applauded.

This same courtesy however cannot be extended to the senior management at BEC or the government of the Bahamas, for it is at their feet that we must lay the blame! They are stung with silence, as we in Abaco sit in misery, along with our visitors. Can the government give us the answers, when will Abaco have a sense of normalcy in having stable electricity? We have two Members of Parliament, one being the leader of this country and yet we hear nothing. AGAIN, MUM IS THE WORD!!!

When will our power bills be reduced? We are paying far too much for far too little!!! The cost of electricity has gone through the roof and one of the main reasons for this is inefficiencies and improper management, and they try to blame it on higher fuel costs.

This will soon be over! As your next Member of Parliament and as a business owner throughout the entire island of Abaco, an efficiently run BEC will be a top priority and once and for all we will get this vexing problem dealt with and behind us.

I will work diligently to ensure that Abaco gets efficient power services and lower electricity costs. By doing so, we will make Bahamians begin to believe in the Bahamas once again.

Believe in the Bahamas!