Save the Bays want a Freedom of Information Act – YEAH RIGHT! Free up dem emails and stop silencing Parliament!


Say they want to SAVE DA BAY? Chile PLEASE! They need to free up dem emails!
Say they want to SAVE DA BAY? Chile PLEASE! They need to free up dem emails!

Nassau, Bahamas – The PR firm of Dianne Phillips Associates this week was once again in the press circulating information about Save the Bays, the crew who now has the courts tied up with a gag order on Members of Parliament.

The said “Environmental Group” which has, we now know, ties to millions as a slush fund for political exercises in the Bahamas, was out this week suggesting that they want Freedom of Information laws in the country.

You must remember now these are the same people who were at the centre of a major Murder for Hire plot. A group who in emails were discussing how they will at all costs DESTABILIZE THE BAHAMAS, according to the Minister of Education.

They want freedom of information, but when their own illegal, unlawful actions are exposed they run to the courts to shutdown the information and threaten journalists before the courts.

Dey mussy think we fool. But boy when Toggie and Bobo tell the story nah…Da Shit Ga HiT DA FAN!

Winter is coming!

We report yinner decide!


  1. Another silly commentary by Bahamas Press. Doesn’t the staff no the difference between the privacy of individuals and FOI concerning the government? Privacy and property rights are pillars of democracy and capitalist economies. This is a backwards country for a reason though!!!

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