Saying Thank You to Sir Lynden who would have been 79 today



  1. Am off to bed now but thank Marquis for getting Bahamians off their fannies to fight for the legacy of a great MAN period.Now every kid knows that we had our own hero like Martin Luther King Nelson Mandela and now Barak Obama.Remember when we as Bahamians were forced to pull for America in the Olympics bcos we had no athletes to look up to?Frank Rutherford was the first to change that midset and it was Sir Lynden who saved his career when the black crab syndrome developed with members of the BAAA.Many great Bahamian athletes were developed bcos of Sir Lynden our hero of the first order.We must all continue to fight for the name of this great man who represents all of us.To the world we are identified as BAHAMIANS so dont believe when the attacks come that they are talking about individuals…no all of us.Marquis you are now dismissed we have had our fill of your bitterness towards us as a people.

  2. Even in Sir Lynden’s death he has the ability to inspire generations of young people to be all that we can be. Had it not been for Sir Lynden to take the lead and stand at a time in our Bahamian history when every one else was too scared and intimidated by whatever power ruled at that time, he and many other great men like him sacrifised so much because of their love for country and the Bahamian people. He must be an important man cause only someone as great as Sir Lynden, in death, can spark a national debate and cause Bahamians from all walks of life to take an introspective look at where we have come from as a people and how blessed we are as a nation. Sir Lynden was a Nation Builder, he is the Father of The Nation

  3. Boy Media, you mussy patch things up with PLP Admin because this is the second or third time I see you have his work on here. Can’t be that wutless, hey? Or did he get the memo? I had to laugh when I heard Eileen talking bout you and him fighting and now its good to see some maturity

  4. I miss Sir Lynden dearly and the point of his support was borne out when he was attacked mercilously over the past two weeks.We all miss LO and despite attacks history will judge him kindly.No pervert should be allowed disparage his name and reputation.It is so good that our country is tolerant unlike some muslims who would have beheaded Marquis if he made any hurtful remark about Mohammed.Thank you Sir Lynden and Bahamas for nurturing a noble son.Marquis get lost as you are in the money field now and getting publicity for your new book which I wont read and will lead a campaign to have it blacklisted in the Bahamas.

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