Scandalous things about the PLP and this Arawak Cay Fight…Sunday 3PM



Jerome Fritzgerald, Earl Deveaux and Perry Christie all in a fight for Arawak Cay. Stay Tuned THIS SUNDAY!

Nassau, Bahamas — For some weeks now members of the PLP’s ELITIST team formed themselves into some Save Saunders Beach group. For days they were all over the place demanding papers to inform the public on the government’s intent to move the container port business to Arawak Cay. They claim that the Ingraham government is not telling all, hmmmmm!

But we wondered whether this PLP group with mask on was also telling us all, and boy oh boy look what we discovered? Yes, you guessed it; Bahamas Press has uncovered the truth behind this Save Saunders Beach argument.

We wondered why was the PLP so ‘intensely concerned’ about where Brent Symonette’s new shipping business will be set up, whilst every day in this country four small businesses goes out of business. And the PLP says not a word about that.

And so Bahamas Press this Sunday at 3PM will talk some things, some SCANDALOUS things about the PLP and their fight for ARAWAK CAY! They know what they did up there and so does Bahamas Press. Stay Tuned 3PM this Sunday!


  1. oh my lord!!!! BP what happened??? This is the last communications outlet we as Bahamians have left to voice our opinions democratically without fear of re-percussion…. Please don’t tell me BP is now joining sides with the elitist and is making the PLP out to be the villans in this container port saga….

    WOW!!! i’m a little choked on nostalgia with this one but lately i’ve been really concern about who masterminded the death of Sir Harry Oakes…. seeeing that he didn’t agree with the Bay Street Boys in all and also seeing that he had pro-black idealisms. In that day in age a white uppidie fella could really be ostracized for holding such beliefs ya know… Well it’s one of the reasons I decided against further pursing a career in public life; the bay street boys constructed ___________ which was not approved by the respective Government officials and I spoke out against it… WOW!!!!! I was warned at a funeral of all places that ” homeboy ya don’t frigg with these fellas, they’ll loose a million or two to kill you and wouldn’t feel a pinch” I never ran for public again….

    Gee it was the baystreet boys who tried to set up Ping son “OBIE” too with that murder of that young sexy gal who was shot in Nairns appartment… Looks like the warning that was given to me at the funeral had proven true aye Brent!!!! you know you and “OBIE” was grinning the same gal and you couldn’t have that so instead of breaking it off with the gal you saw it as an oppertunity to frame Obie for murder… thank God the PLP was in power…. Come on we know any PM in any Bahamian government dictates the decision in any popular case that’s why INGRAHAM said in a television interview, ” NO COURT WILL DECIDE WHO WILL GOVERN THE BAHAMAS” did the PLP win a single election seat in the election court?? NO!!!

    So Jerome my friend if you are the champion of the people who I believe you are, be careful for nothing…. They’ll get you too.

  2. Cant wait to read the story and see how it relates to the EIAR which gave no favorable recommendation that Arawak Cay should be used for the purpose for which work is now being done.

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