Thousands of Jobless Bahamians Looking for Work, Whilst 4,050 Work Permits Were Issued to Foreigners in August, September and October 2007



Participants make enquiries at various business booths at the “All Male Empowerment Seminar and Job Fair” hosted by the Kemp Road Urban Renewal Centre and Church of God of Prophecy Life Transformation Centre on Saturday.

Whilst thousands of Bahamians queue on unemployment lines in search for work, the government of The Bahamas in August, September and October of 2007 approved over 4,000 work permits to foreigners. (Photo/Tim Aylen)


  1. That is a rather interesting point. I will be sure to mention it when I’m on air this Sunday 102.9 FM and put it out there for the public to digest.

    Quite an interesting point you made.

  2. Can it be that successive governments have used the issuance of work permits as a means of earning revenue for our Country? If this has been their approach, little attempt will be made to ensure that Bahamians are employed. What we need is a comprehensive National Plan for Development of the Bahamas, where the needs of all BAHAMIANS can be factored into a Development Plan.

  3. I would say that it has less to do with a government that values foreigners over its own citizens and more to do with employers that value people who are interested in working hard, as against people who want maximum return with minimum effort. Our people’s work ethic is so terrible, and we make little or no effort and we take no pride in what we do. It’s a terrible generalization to make; however, the facts are that very few of our people want to work a full day’s work for a full day’s pay. It’s evidenced in all sectors – from the shoddy electrical and building work, to the embarrassing attitude toward the persons in our biggest industry (tourism), to the lackadaisical attitude of many of our doctors and lawyers. Many of the young criminals are no longer criminals because they feel shut out and they have no other alternative. They sell drugs because the money is good and the money is fast… and that is fact, not conjecture. What is bullshit is Mr. Archer Sr’s crap commentary on ignorance in an effort to oppress perpetuated by a governments supported by White Knights. In actual fact, the last government to support a strong education in the Bahamas was Her Majesty’s sometime before 1973 when we became independent. It’s been all downhill since then. And let’s not forget, under the previous government the national average for the dumbed down BGCSE (which was already a dumbed down version of the GCE) had been as low as F and as high as D. The current government seems to believe however that any progress is good progress and lauds the wonderful D+ national average that currently exists. All education in this country is a disgrace, it’s the government’s fault for not demanding higher standards, it’s parents’ fault for not instilling an importance of education in their children and for not parenting in general, and it’s the fault of the youth of this nation for not desiring more for themselves. At the end of the day, we are a wilfully ignorant and lazy people.

  4. That’s what you get when you vote in a Government who values foreigners over it’s own citizens. Their excuse would probably be that Bahamians are not qualified for the jobs that were given to foreigners. That’s utter bullshit…Politicians subscribe to the policy of keeping their people ignorant so that they can retain power. They were once hailed as the apprentices of yesterday freedom fighters, but are now the true oppressors of today. The oppressor is a Balck man funded by the white knights. That’s the simple reality of it. CRY FREEDOM!

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