Scores to go at Royal Bank of Canada


rbc-officeNassau, Bahamas — We have breaking information from our ‘Deep Throat’ in the bowels of RBC House on East Hill Street confirming to BP that there are massive layoffs and redundancies in the works at the largest Bank in the Country.

The layoffs are due to come into effect with the completion of the merger of RBC Caribbean and RBCTT. The operations are to run out of Trinidad. The source is confirming that the IT department and the Trust company will be the areas most affected by the layoffs.

“Mr. Nat Beneby is impotent and cannot do nothing, in fact, he has never stood up for the Bahamian Workers, he is pushing Ross McDonald’s and the honchos in Canada agenda over the local worker,” our source said.

It has been reported to us that the Government is aware and is doing nothing about this, “they are giving work permits to expats with no regard for Bahamian workers” another source told us.

We have a garbage can full of information and will be all over this story in the coming weeks and months. Stay Tuned.


  1. the youth people are so uneducated. they can barely read and write, so the old people need to stay.

  2. Say it ain’t so.  What they need to do is retire those people who have pensions.  They will still be getting paid.  Make room for the younger folks who are unemployed.

    Put on your thinking cap royal bank – think man !!!

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