Security budgets at the Caribbean’s leading port of entry in the Bahamas to be cut in the 2019/20 Fiscal Budget posing serious risks to travelers…


Minnis Government set to make deep austerity cuts in the upcoming fiscal budget…

Concerns of security grows at port as government is set to cut security budgets.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is getting a closer look into the 2019/20 Fiscal Budget of the Bahamas Government set to be debated in Parliament and what we see must be of serious shocking concern to our American counterparts.

Shocking details reveal that the Bahamas Government intends to slash costs, particularly on security at the Prince George Wharf and at other port facilities around the country.

The port is the premier gateway for guest arrivals into the Bahamas, hosting more than 5 million passengers a year, most of whom are North Americans. This singular decision by the Minnis Administration would mean cuts at key checkpoints and at the gates.

With the threats of terrorism around the world and with relaxing of Immigration rules by the Administration, our American partners must have deep and serious concerns about these dangerous and unsafe adjustments by the Minnis Regime.

In this era of Global Terror, well-coordinated campaigns of bombings, as in the case of Sri Lanka over the Easter holiday, murderous attacks, and waves of wicked attacks at ports of entry, it is just plain silly, asinine, cruel and the height of stupidity for the Government of the Bahamas to relax security measures at the leading cruise port in Nassau and other ports around the Bahamas.

What in da hell is the Minnis Administration attempting to do to the Bahamas?

We call on the American Government and all its agencies to closely monitor these developments of asinine proportions in the Bahamas because these changes are going to expose its citizens to higher global security risks.

We report yinner decide!