Security held at gunpoint on Paradise Island


A security officer on Paradise Island was held up by some would be robbers late this afternoon. Police officers on PI blocked the robbers and recovered the weapon used in the incident. Two men are now in custody.

Sometime around 10:46 am on Saturday 15th May, 2010 police received information of an armed robbery at Burns House, Marathon Road.  Police responded and information received two males, one of whom was a allegedly armed with a handgun entered Burns House demanding cash.  It is reported the culprits robbed the establishment of an undisclosed amount of cash and an employee of jewelry.  It is further reported that during the incident, an employee was assaulted by one of the culprits who was clad in a blue jeans and dark shirt.  The culprits fled the area in a black F150 truck with chrome rims, headed north on Marathon Road.  Police are investigating.

Sometime around 4:00 pm on Saturday 15th May, 2010 police received information of a shooting at Nicholls Court, Yellow Elder Gardens.  Police responded and information received, three (3) males while in a vehicle  on Nicholls Court, Yellow Elder Gardens, were approached by a male allegedly armed with a handgun, who fired gunshots in the direction of them, which resulted in all three (3) males receiving gunshot injuries.  The males were taken to hospital via EMS where their  injuries appear non-life threatening.  Police are following significant leads into the matter.  Police are investigating.

Sometime around 7:20 pm on Saturday 15th May, 2010 officers of the Mobile Division were on patrol on Lundy Street off Palm Beach Street when officers attempted to stop a vehicle occupied by a single male. The male while fleeing from police, was seen throwing an object into a home at Lundy Street.  Police made a check of the home and recovered a handgun with ammunition.  No one was taken into custody.  Police are investigating.

Sometime around 9:55 pm on Saturday 15th May, 2010 officers of the Northeastern Division while on patrol on Village and Parkgate Roads observed a vehicle occupied by two people acting suspiciously.  Officers stopped the vehicle, conducted a search and recovered a quantity of suspected marijuana from the front passenger seat.   The occupants, a 26 year old male and a 19 year old female, both of Marshall Road were taken into custody.  Police are investigating.


In reference to the armed robbery at Scotia Bank, Emerald Bay Exuma, nine (9) people have been taken into custody. Four (4) people were arrested on Friday 14th May, and the other five (5) on Saturday 15th May 2010.  Two (2) of the people in custody are from the Capital, the other seven (7) are from Stevenson, Rolleville and Curtis Exuma.  Officers from the Central Detective Unit are still on the island assisting their colleagues with the investigation.