Senate President K. Forbes Smith is out of ORDER! Well, for her, that’s normal!


Senate President failed to show up at State Funeral for a National Matriarch

This is how problems does start right here. Senate President K. Forbes Smith.

Nassau – A senior Parliamentarian refused to show up as assigned at the State Recognized Funeral Service at St. Agnes Anglican Church.

Senate President K. Forbes Smith, who has already ordered two new vehicles on the backs of the public, boasted to her FNM colleagues how she would not attend the service as instructed by protocol officers.

At such State events, all persons holding senior positions are required to attend. But Smith refused, boasting to her colleagues how she had other things to do – like shopping.

Now this is something serious because here are people who want to climb in the backdoor of politics and grab the glory, but refuse to comply with the traditions to honour our people, particularly persons who have served this country with fidelity.

Now because of the kind of persons who represent the decent family of the deceased, we at BP ain’t ga cuss Smith today. But, boy, when yinner hear someone outside the Senate telling K. Forbes Smith to carry her …. {Das BP}!

It ain’t long Nah!

We report yinner decide!