Senior Officers Call for Prime Minister’s URGENT ATTENTION in Immigration

Clarence Russell is a waste a time.

Nassau – Chaos is erupting inside the Immigration Department and calls for the Prime Minister to take charge and wake up are coming from senior officials at the Board.

A close source representing senior high command officers within the Immigration Department has informed Bahamas Press that it ain’t long before officers who are charged with protecting the borders walk off the job or fail to show up for work in protest to the Director of Immigration!

“We are tired and are fed-up with the rude incompetence, and blatant disrespect against officers within the department from the Director Clarence Russell. Here is a man who presently has some 12 Superintendents and yet only two are being assigned tasks in the department while the other 10 are left to sit and listen every Monday to his rude history while he served on the police force.

“This is the worst administrator ever assigned to the department, who today raises silly stupid suggestions like burning all immigration records.  How could the government make such a stupid mistake and place in the top position someone who has no respect for the institutional wisdom within the department while promoting juniors to direct senior staff!?”

Bahamas Press is learning the Government is also seeking to bring amendments to the Immigration Act to remove powers from the department and transfer such authority to the elected Minister Brent Symonette. What is this?

When BP presents our second report on Immigration, we will expose what is happening with the package to officers.


We report yinner decide!