Serious points raised on whether Prince William is ready for reopening today (Monday)


NASSAU| Educators at the Jordan Prince William School are preparing to head back to the classrooms this morning with a lack of readiness for the reopening of the school year

Returning to the classes since Easter will prove challenging with little to nothing changed for educators all these many months.

BP’s investigative teams with access to sources deep inside the school has delivered some things every one in the public should know:

1) The school did not undergo any sanitizing exercises. NONE!

2) Bathrooms remain dirty without any of the much needed new protocol items inside. 

3) GET THIS ONE: Teachers have not been trained for the virtual platform! Six months since the pandemic hit the Bahamas and lockdowns begun.

4) There will be some 38 sometimes 40 children per teacher in this Covid 19 environment! Well what is this?

Now we are learning many parents are complaining about these conditions also, but right now they have little options to send their kids to. 

Meanwhile, we understand some educators have been told if they sit out and refuse to come back into the classrooms they will be fired as sure as the sun rises in the east.

Well folks there you have it!

We report yinner decide!