Seven cars broken into at One Bahamas walk Saturday morning at Arawak Cay… Both Christie and Dr. Minnis were on that walk and guess who came last?


Why is the stench of raw sewerage so high inside and outside the Arawak Cay Bathroom facilities?

Prime Minister Christie and Dr. Hubert Minnis on One Bahamas walk Saturday morning.

Nassau, Bahamas — One Bahamas Walk took place on Saturday 15th February, just one day following Valentine’s Day, and, boy! what a Love Affair this was. Both Prime Minister Christie and Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis joined in the race.

We will not say who won out of the two leaders but even that is a sign of something to come.

The future state of young Bahamians after VAT is implemented. This will be Valentines 2017.

BP was on the walk also and we could not help but tell what was never reported following the event. With all the police presence at Arawak Cay, some seven cars belonging to participants were broken into yesterday. Thieves broke into vehicles and just took what they thought was theirs.

We also made an interesting trip to the bathroom facilities yesterday and the state of those restrooms would make Potter’s Cay smell like a bottle of the finest perfume. The stench is atrocious. The smell of raw sewerage hits you before you reach the terlet.

Someone gats to ask the question – what is happening to this facility where thousands of guests from all over the world gather?

Well, the two leaders were in the area this past week and if the present leadership fails to do anything about what we experienced, we hope the future leader does.

We will say no more on dat! Make Arawak Cay safe and clean for its patrons…

We report yinner decide!