Seven police officers detained after money confiscated goes missing


COP of Police, Ellison Greenslade. The decent Commander is quickly cleaning up the image of the police force and is restoring TRUST in the good men and women of the Police.

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Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is standing just outside quarter guard this morning and from the looks of things, more police officers could be axed from the force following a robbery investigation.

Your BP is the only news agency with the story and here’s what we know.

Police high command is holding seven officers at quarter guard at this hour following an investigation over the weekend. All male officers were involved in an arrest on Friday, which led to the detention of two suspects.

Now get this, Mr. Darville from Darvilles Liquor Store was making a deposit at The Bank of The Bahamas on Shirley Street at the start of the weekend, when two guys approached him with a handgun and robbed him of $13,000 [thirteen thousand dollars] in cash. Later that same day police officers caught the two suspects and recovered all the money and the gun, but when they recounted the cash a second time at the police station only $5,000 [five thousand dollars] was in the bag – with some $8,000 [eight thousand dollars] gone missing at some point while in the care of officers.

Police moved quickly and began investigating their own, with members of intelligence arm of the Force along with CID probing the events.

The result, seven police officers have been arrested since Sunday and could face being fired by the Commissioner sometime this week. We know at least two of the rogue cops will definitely be charged before the courts.

Nineteen police officers were sacked from the Royal Bahamas Police Force in 2010 after complaints from the public. Sources in the ministry of national security tell us some 11 officers were fired from from the Force in September 2011, and early this month a female officer on suspension following a bribery investigation was arrested and charged for being in possession of a stolen vehicle. She was dismissed immediately from the Force following her arraignment.


  1. I am a Police Reserve Officer an would perfer to remain anonymous should you decide to make use of any of my comments.
    Firstly I sympathies with Commissioner Ellison Greenslade and his Managment team and then for us as a country when those from our Nations Finest (The Police) in whom the greatest trust for integrity is placed resort to such shameful & degraning acts as stealing. It goes to show that as a country and communities from which we draw upon for men and women to serve and protect us that there stands among the many good Officers a few Crooks who’s only motive of joining the Police Force was for selfish gains. It’s Officers like those in question that cause our country to get a bad name by compromizing their integrity for a few Dollars. If there is truth to their involvemrnt in the missing monies all of them should be discharged from the Royal Bahamas Police Force with a loss of Salary even for this month sending a message to those remaining within the employment of the Force that such act will not be atolerated. For far too long the public has been complining of exibits going missing or shrinking and in many cases the matter swept unde a rug. Ploice Officers in the Bahamas are paid very well and there is no need for such acts within the ranks. An example must be made and at a time when we as a country are hinging our heads inshame with so much crime in our land the last thing one native or tourist need is for our protectors to be know as not to be trusted.
    Again I beleive that Mr. Greenslade and his top team need all the prayers that can be offered for courage to fight the crimminal forces in our Nation and even those within the Royal Bahamas Police Force

    • I thought that the CDU, Rapid Strike or patrols had a dual-custody system as it relates to the confiscation of illegal contraband and money.
      Funds are counted by two or more officers, information documented and items are placed in a sealed or secured bag which is then rushed to safe keeping.

      Looks like this was done in this particular incident, but I am a person, if I sign or verified said amount, once those bags hit the patrol car, I am not letting that bag or wallet out of my sight until the contents are verified again by a ranking officer or the other officer doing the check.

      That’s just me. Can’t trust anyone these days, not even your colleagues!

      As a result, 7 officers face the unemployment line, that’s 7 families all because 1 or 2 of em wanted the Kayne West life! Some may have children in school, girlfriend/wife, mortgages, car loans, my goodness even church tithes!

      What do you do?

    Let us rethink this.
    Releasing corrupt police officers back into society is not enough.
    Thinks about what we are doing….we are putting a TRAINED ARMED EX-police “professional criminal” who knows the system on both side…
    …That is a recipe for more unsolved crime in the future.
    We must sent them to jail right away…the others will get the message.

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