Slack sex recordings on a school campus? Well, what is this?


NASSAU|A slack video has gone viral on social media with students of a prestigious school in the east and the matter has since been turned over to the police according to administrators.

The video presented explicit behaviour by teens on campus.

The school, which is known for its BIG RED behaviours, and has cultured many of our leaders across the country.

In a letter sent to parents Tuesday afternoon the school wrote: “It is unfortunate that when students should be at home studying and learning, they are finding time to get into undesirable postings. This afternoon we received videos put together by an individual or individuals that sho an extremely poor image of our students. This video will be forwarded to the police and we are asking the cyber-crime unit to trace its origin.”

We now wonder what will the police do if they found out that an educator assisted or created the material depicting children? What will the school then say?

We ga report and let yinner decide!