Shocking revelations of KanOO and FNM Party connections – WHERE IS THE COLLECTED TRAVEL VISA MONEY?


Medical Cartel at WORK!

PM Hubert Minnis and his business partner Dr. Nigel Lewis

Dear Editor,

I just listened to yesterday’s Beyond the Headlines with Clint Watson.

Some stunning revelations about Kanoo, the company collecting the fees for the health visas. I always questioned why we need health visas if you also have to have a PCR test to travel in The Bahamas?

As it turns out from Clint’s investigation, the CEO of Kanoo is the CEO of BISX (the government is the largest shareholder in BISX). Nigel Lewis, the FNM campaign chairman, is one of the Directors of Kanoo, and the Founder of Kanoo is also a Director of the PHA – Nicholas Reeves.

Dr. Nigel Lewis also got the contract for the Antiquities and Monument refurbishment project, and Kanoo got the contract for the food assistant and family court fees electronic payment system.

Boy, talk about corruption and transparency ?. The monies from the health visas are going to a Bank of The Bahamas account instead of in the government’s Consolidated Fund.

As Clint says the PM is using the Emergency Orders to award contracts to who he wants to without having to go to tender.

The contract for Kanoo didn’t go to tender. Island Pay has the contract now for the NIB payments.

Boy these fellas lining their own pockets while the poor gets screwed! It makes me sick to my stomach ?.!