Should the PLP contest a by-election in Elizabeth? Cast your vote on BP NOW…


malcolm-adderley <<< Current MP for Elizabeth Malcolm Adderley is expected to resign early in the new year.

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Should the PLP Contest An

Elizabeth By-Election?


  1. Yeah Objective your right its a risky thing but PLP should go for it. In 2007 Elma Campbell shouldve won and I was glad to vote for her and the Free National Movement. Now in this bi-election I would have to look at the two CANDIDATES closer for me to come to a conclusion.What the FNM has planed for the constituency should NOT be a factor to anybody vote it should depend on THE TWO CANDIDATES.

  2. Ya Media I can understand why you asked this question because in my short memory I can only remember one time when the opposition actually won the seat in a bye-election… That was back in 1990 or so after HI became the new leader of the FNM.. There was a by-election in Grand Bahama and the FNM blew out the PLP and went on to win the General election in 1992. The party in govt always seem to win in a by-election.. This will be a tough decision for the PLP… The FNM has nothing to lose but everything to gain in this instance!!

    If the PLP contests this seat and wins, that will be good for morale and confidence in the party but if they were to lose that will not be a good thing for the party. This could be a good measuring stick for the PLP though but I know if the PLP were to win the FNM would just try to down play it by saying that the seat is a PLP seat anyway…

    If the FNM wins, election will be called within a year!! I don’t even know whether the PLP should contest or not contest but I do know that the PLP will be able to tell if the people are really angry with this govt according to the size of the defeat if the PLP wins….

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