Sideburns: Santa Claus in Prayer Meeting



Even Santa Claus is praying for help this year, all the reindeers were laid-off and elves were placed on 2 and 3 days due to the downturn of the economy. Claus will have a difficult time explaining what happened this year to kids. “Why mommy ain’t working Santa? Santa only noodles in the cupboard, what happen?” We can hear the complaints already and the crying children looking for food in the mall. All we say is this, if you’re working as Santa Claus this year, GET GOOD INSURANCE! When times were good Santa sometimes came by, this year is a NO-SHOW for sure! GREAT CARTOON BURNSIDE, GREAT CARTOON!


  1. The message is not getting through. I agree that some employers are waiting until after Christmas I have heard some say so. The handwriting is on the wall but many are not taking note and will be devastated when the New Year rolls around and they find out that they are no longer employed.

  2. This morning I when out to do some errands and I was surprise to see the amount of Christmas tree tie to some cars roof and the amount of people shopping, like it’s nobody‘s business. You think these people who are shopping understand what is going on yet? I don’t think the reality of what is going on with our economy will hit some of them until January morning. I really hope these people who are blocking up traffic doing their Christmas shopping have already paid up their bills and have put some cash aside to get through the difficult months ahead. Many people are feeling a false sense of security, because they still have a job to report to, but I suspect many companies are keeping them on until after Christmas and when this season is over many will find themselves on the unemployment line. Every day things are getting worse and worse in the country and the road head appears to be very rocky, only the strong will be able to survive this ride.

  3. Santa is so use children sending list asking for Nintendo, MP4, Ipods, books, toys and stuff animals, but this year I suspect Santa will have a lot of children asking for clothes, shoes, food and a jobs for their parents, so their lives could change back to some normalcy. The sad thing is Santa will not be answering too much letters this year, because he is out looking for help for himself. If things get any worse with this economy, before Christmas you might see Santa standing on the unemployment line with mommy and daddy too or on your street corner begging like a Jonser with his shinny tin cup in his hands, singing, “it a not so jolly Christmas.” Poor kids and Christmas suppose to be a fun time.

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