Sears Calls Hubert Ingraham an ***


Here is why Bahamas Press endorses ALFRED SEAR, SHANE GIBSON and Allyson Maynard-Gibson to take charge of the PLP and set it on a new path of CHANGE! The Bahamas needs Change! And get rid of the ***!


  1. It’s funny you mentioned that show, I might soon be on as a guest in a few days. Bodie and I were having a great time in the studio. He’s so cool. Trust me, I know real people when I see them, he real but we clashed a few times and it was super we were lovin it all rhe way. I had fun that morning. I can’t wait to go back on. I will be sure to inform you.

  2. Ok Omar now that we understand each other, let’s discuss the issues….

    I believe that your heart is in the right place and you really want to help people so the first thing is for us to get you in parliament!!

    Believe it or not but many many people visit this site and this is a good place to gain some support… I just want you to keep your cool and don’t loose the humour…. I like it..

    Even if you had called into that show Bodie would not have let you say what you wanted… That’s why I don’t call any shows at all.. You are welcomed all the time if you agree with the hosts or guess but if your views differ the hosts would keep interrupting you so that you are never able to make your point…

    Look ya you dealt with Bodie when you were on that show..

  3. Archer, I am so glad you raised this argument about whether Ingraham’s FNM is for the People. All night that argument wrestled in my head and I concluded, “WHAT A TRAITOR OF THE BAHAMIAN TRUST!” Oh wow did I write that? That’s the topic people, STAY TUNED!!!!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  4. Topic for discussion today:

    Should the government suspend the selling of undeveloped Bahamian land for the next 15 years?

  5. When will you all understand that the FNM is not the government for the people. They are for themselves, with the exception of Hon. Branville McCartney. That guy is as real as they come.

  6. I refuse to waste my time calling him on any talk show. He is just not the right person for the job of Minister of state for Finance. HI needs to put his son elsewhere.

  7. I can’t understand for the likes of me why Laing is still a minister in the FNM government. He seems to be totally lost or simply ill advised. This guy is stupid!

  8. Okay now that you have actuallty explained yourself completely, I must say you have a valid point. I will stop that cussin’ you’re right it’s not very becoming. I must be more mature in handling situations. But he mad me angry that morning. I will not allow that to happen again objective thought. You are right on th epoint you made though. I will do better thanks.

  9. Oh, Omar didnt you year Laing’s views on agriculture yesterday on Bodie’s show or HI’s at the press conference??

    They don’t think that it’s the govt’s responsibility to drive that sector….

    I don’t understand why you talked about agriculture in your answer to me because I had never commented on it!!

  10. Omar you are missing my point that I have stated over and over.. Don’t get me wrong..

    I think that you have great ideas but you must learn to express them without all the drama especially the use of all the cuss words!!

    I know that most of MPs cuss even the PM and the former PM but you don’t see them on air and in the media using such strong language!!

    While there will be many who will support you, there will be more who don’t because they will not see you as an example/roll model for their children…

    While I support the PLP under PC’s leadership, I am not sure if I will support the PLP under what I would call the wrong leadership… I don’t defend the PLP because of the PLP, I am one of those who trust PC and think that he means well.

    The problem that PC had is that he surrounded himself with a bunch of lousy people who took forever to make their final reports.. That killed all the trust that most persons had for PC…

    You live and learn but if you want to remain the way you are, I will say it once again, “You will NEVER be elected as a MP”…..

    I hope you understand my position!!

  11. Listen objective thought yo are not being fair at all. The PLP is just as guilty for failing to diversify the Bahamian economy. I spoke on this very issue earlier this year on Bahamas at Sunrise. We are a one crop economy and we have been for decades. I am only trying to be fair here. It is very important not to mislead readers. Both governments have fail in this regard. The question is who among you will join in and demand more from all governments? You sound like a blind follower objective thought. We must move away from blind loyalty and do what is in the best interest of our country. That is the challenge. It can be realized, but we must first change our mindset. We must think about the country we want toleave behind for our children. That is what it is all about objective thought. I would rather you not support the PLP if you’re going to do so blindly. That does more harm than good.

  12. Tight lips for your info, HI has already said that they can DO NOTHING to improve our economy because it is tied to the US’.. This govt has not taken any responsibility for the down turn in the economy…

    In other words, they are saying that they could have done NOTHING to stop our economy from going south.

    So when the US’ economy starts to improve and the tourist starts to visit our country again in droves, I don’t want to hear this govt talking about all the good things that they have done to improve our economy!!

    In 1992 they rode on that wave and now they are waiting to do the same again but that won’t happen for the next 1-2 years!!

    Only this time election would be right around the corner!!!

  13. Tristan this site is rated G, ONLY this leader endorsed by Bahamas Press has this openness to speak with such candor.


  14. The challenge: to be a transformative prime minister. The Rt Hon Hubert A. Ingraham approached the primeministerial governing of the Bahamas yet at another critical moment in Bahamian history, facing simultaneous crises of job loss, the environment, health care, but especially the economy. If he is able to rise to the moment, he could join the ranks of a handful of previous world leaders who have been truly transformative, succeeding in fundamentally changing the economy, society, and democracy for the better. But this will require imaginative and decisive action as The Rt Hon Hubert A. Ingraham delivers us out this depression, action bolder than he have promised during his 2007 campaign, and will be all the more difficult given the undertow of the opposition and the press that resists fundamental change. Decades of regressive politics and PLP political gridlock have left the Bahamas in its most precarious situation since the onset of the Golf war he delivered than I trust it’s a matter of time. The collapse of the hotel bubble continues, as does the financial meltdown it triggered; a revival of 1970s-style stagflation threatens; incomes continue to lag behind inflation; our household and international debts pile higher; disastrous climate change looms; energy and food prices continue their escalation; and the ranks of un-and-under-insured Bahamians are growing as the health-insurance system unravels. Solutions to our multiple challenges do exist, but they won’t be found in overly cautious or expedient quick fixes. With the Prime Minister exceptional skill at appealing to our better angels, Hubert Ingraham could is the right leader at the right time to re-awaken the Bahamas to the renewed promise of shared prosperity, coupled with responsibility towards future generations and the international community with whom we share the earth. Invoking the Bahamas greatest leaders. This is nor an FNM or PLP challenge, this challenge rest on the shoulders of all Bahamians While informing the population, post partisan list some opposition, of cost progress is far from automatic inspire the Bahamian people transform demand bolder measures, continue informing the public of our national challengers.


  15. Media, I am with BP, I want change be it PLP of FNM, hopefully some good people will have the strength of character to fight for that change. I do like Senator Fitzgerald, I think he can attract a new block that the current PLP does not appear to be able to win over. Hopefully the ‘Leaker’ will not try to destroy him. I understand he was quite supportive of him when he was Minister.

  16. Media you are right, I did not read your advice given on Great Britain. I promise to do so today and will comment soon after. You mentioned speaking to convention,I gave up on that a long time ago. Certain people don’t want my voice heard within the party. Never mind I’ve got some 17 years of public speeking under my belt. You think the scared media?

  17. And on the Objective point, Omar did you see on this BLOG how the PLP in the WUTLESS Tribune and ON here attempted to stabbed some of their own?

    Its a good thing Bahamas Press never support them, for it we did if they could do that to their own, Imagine what they would have done to us?

    Bahamas Press wants CHANGE IN THIS COUNTRY, ANYONE, FNM OR PLP who can rid both organizations of their leadership (INGRAHAM OR CHRISTIE) we would trail support behind them.


  18. Media – you cannot make the call on the election 3 years out. There is a lot that can be accomplished in 3 years, and I would hope that by covnetion in October/November you will see the movement of where the party needs to head. Things are coming together and momentum is starting from within. Things dont change overnight, but we have the time to put in place what we think is necessary to win in 2012. All is not lost yet, 3 years out.

  19. Canesfins you is PLP and don’t know when ya party put that out? BOY THE PLP GAT IT BAD ECH? They cannot communicate they own message anymore.

    We believe that was taped when the PRIME MINISTER CALLED THE “Shameless men and women” on the side opposite in Parliament.


  20. I am with JOE on this. The PLP is fragmented and disjointed, and that alone will keep them in opposition for a good while.

    It is clear Omar you did not read our advice about Great Britain and regional elections. We have followed election in this country dating back to the Pindling years.

    And the PLP today has NO apparatus outside the Parliament to defeat the FNM. If you can point one arm outside the Parliament, we would withdraw our comments. But after studying politics as long as we have, the PLP cannot and WILL NOT WIN THE NEXT 2012 GENERAL ELECTIONS.

    Where is the message? Where is their PLAN? Where is their response machine OUTSIDE the Parliament? I mean let me give you one example. On Friday a lawyer was on radio wiping the PLP for failing to pass a single bill to fix the crime problem. He castigated PLPs for not delivering a plan for stop the collapsed judicial system. And surprisingly it was a lawyer who was brought in the party as a, “NEW FACE of the PLP” at its last convention in February.

    Now if we take this as an example alone, here is a so called “FRESH FACE” in the PLP who has spoken at their convention but cannot support the party on National Radio. And how could such a person forget all the work Allyson delivered in bring together stakeholders in the ‘Swift justice’ programme? The Lawyer NEVER SPOKE TO THE PROGRAMME, but joined the host in CASTIGATING THE PLP on the matter. Now lets bring this point home, HE (THE LAWYER) can speak at the party’s National Convention, BUT NOT OMAR ARCHER SR. hmmmmmmm….

    This example is just one point of MANY where we know too well will deliver DEFEAT to a 55 year old organization.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  21. I am bowing on my knees to Joe for this brief moment. Finally someone gets it. However, Fred, Allyson and Jerome are good people. Not that you were suggesting otherwise, just thought I needed to through that out there. But you made some very good points. In every party that type of mentality exists. We must mature beyond selfish politics motivated by greed. We must demand better.

  22. Omar,It became apparent to me that shortly after the PLP came to power in 2002 there were a few high ranking Cabinet Minister who were vying for leadership, Obie, Fred and Allsyon come to mind. During their 5 years they did whatever they could to promote themselves and make the others look bad. One of those persons in particular to this day is well known for leaking things to the press that make his colleagues look bad. He along with a now party officer have done all they can to try to keep new people out, all sorts of skull duggery so that they could not get positions in their branches. They appeared to have failed in that regard but they have in the interim caused a lot of hurt feelings and have divided the party. Christie will stay on becasue after all a house divided can only fall. The PLP needs new life, new ideas and as along as some of the ’02 MPS and Ministers grapple for control they will go no where. That’s my 5 cents!

  23. Omar, you better get to work now, the PLP is so divided with the frontrunners or apparent frontrunners all trying to kill each other. They are destroying what is left of the party and appear to do whatever they can to keep any new faces out.

  24. That comment showed cattyness and a lack of class on Sears’ part. Those words will haunt him for the rest of his political life.

  25. The Progressive Liberal Party will win the next general election 31 seats and the Free National Movement 9 seats. (31-9) That is my prediction.

  26. As for Deputy Leader, I will be endorsing a candidate very soon in the print and electronic medias. After the PLP rebuilds and regroup, we will be much better prepared for 2012.

  27. Well Tristan, Change is only recognized as such when there is aa actualt change from the norm. As for our leader. You can trust me on this, Mr. Christie may not appear as audacious as his counter part, but I respect his quiet strength. The man made mistakes and I was one of those who pointed them out to Bahamians in the past. Like all of us he may make more surely not as many and definately not the same. It’s common people like you Tristan and I, who hold the true balance of power. Yes he may have is short comings, but I feel it from deep inside, that if he is given the opportunity to do it again even if just for another five years before passing the baton on to New leaders like Alfred, Fred,Jerome,Paul, Andrew, Obie,Glenys, he will surely leave behind an even better legacy. Someone recently asked me if I respect Mr. Perry Christie or am I just being a loyal party member? My answer was quite simple I said “My respect for an individual develops gradually based on his/her vision and the ability to marry that vision to actions. That is what differentiates Christie as a leader in my mind from any other. People call him weak and indecisive to me that’s not true that’s politics. The man is a very good leader. Mind you there are many things we tend to differ on, but that does not take away from the fact that his is now and will be then the best choice for the PLP. The PLP really needs a facelift though. Christie must surround himself with thinkers and more importantly those who would not try to challenge his leadership to further their personal agendas.

  28. You got to be joking about Allyson. If you talking about change most of them will have to go. Alfred Sears I can live with, he is not tainted like the rest, but Allyson is of the ‘all for me baby school’ and that was quite evident during the last administration.

  29. Tristan you expect them JOKERS to post a question like that? Come on, you cannot get a question like that in the WUTLESS TRIBUNE.

    You will soon figure out why Bahamas Press is giving the PLP and FNM panic attacks! And has become the target of everyone except people like yourself, who is the majority in this country, SICK AND TIRED OF THE LEADERSHIP IN THIS COUNTRY!

    As we said before, they don’t know what CHANGE IS if they had it written BIG ACROSS THEIR CHEST! Christie talking about change? PLEASE!

    And Bahamians cannot see why this country is soo far back, for some reason we cannot GET RID of dead washed up political leadership! Even the BEST in the United States and Great Britain knows how to move on out of office. NO ONE MAN OR WOMAN HAS THE LOCK ON IDEAS IN THIS COUNTRY. And all we doing is recycling WUTLESS LEADERS. WINNER and LOSER. BOTH CHRISTIE AND HUBERT GATTA GO!


  30. I endorse Allyson Maynard-Gibson as Prime Minter and Alfred Sears as Deputy Prime Minister. I don’t trust that Shane Gibson and Neville Wisdom. Bernard Nottage, Neville Wisdom and Perry Christie needs to go home for sure.

  31. Hey guys, I posted a comment on the PLP site but unfortunately they did not post it.I dont know if it was because the nature of my question was not apprpriate at this time but here goes…”Today there are alot of people who questions the Change or the Advent of the Change in the PLP. The only change we will see is a new Deputy Leader, but if the leadership of the Party dont change, then is it really Change? Also how can PLPs spread the message of Change if their is no Change in Leadership” I just wanted Clarification and the strategy to go about answering the questions that many bahamians are asking. People want change, even if its the PLP but is it going to be the same two law partners runnin the country for the next 25 years???

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