Sir Michael bends to the pressures of Bahamas Press!

Chief Justice Michael Barnett head the matter and some suggest the head of the country's judiciary broke the law.

Nassau, Bahamas – The power of BP’s pen. We warned of trouble in the court less than a week ago and within days, we have two new Justices to the Supreme Court.

Yesterday, Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez and Deputy Chief Magistrate Carolita Bethel were both sworn-in as Justices following our revelations of the ill-treatment of the lower court magistrates. There had not been a promotion from the lower courts in 15 years, and many believe because of politics. But BP has done it again!

Justice Gomez was called to the Bahamas Bar in 1978 and practiced law in private chambers until 1989 when he joined the magistracy. He served as a Stipendiary and Circuit Magistrate until 2004 when he was appointed the Chief Magistrate.

Justice Bethell was called to the Guyanese Bar in 1980. She came to The Bahamas in 1985 and has served as Assistant Registrar of the Supreme Court. She was appointed a Stipendiary and Circuit Magistrate in 1988 and Deputy Chief Magistrate in 2005.

Chief Justice Barnett said: “The elevation of Justices Gomez and Bethell to the Supreme Court from the Magistrates’ Court is not without precedent. A number of justices have previously been appointed to the Supreme Court from the Magistrates’ Court including Justices Maxwell Thompson, Joseph Alfred, Jon Isaacs, Vera Watkins and Cheryl Albury.”

The Chief Justice said that Justice Gomez will be assigned to the Family Division of the Supreme Court and will be asked to coordinate efforts at the development of a separate Family Court. Justice Bethell will be assigned to the Criminal Division and preside over a sixth court in New Providence to deal with criminal matters.

Justice Gomez is married to the former Gloria Bethel, who serves as a professor at the College of The Bahamas and they have three children, Michelle, Roger Jr. and Ricardo.

Justice Bethell is married to attorney Ferron Bethell and they have one son, Sebastian.

Bahamas Press congratulates both new Justices…

We report yinner decide!