So more threats come from inside the FNM against PM Minnis


Who in the Cabinet are known for organizing murder for hire plots?

The Minnis Cabinet

Nassau, Bahamas – Someone organized a staged story in the Punch about some plot to harm the Prime Minister.

Now this is incredible and must be the oldest planted report in Bahamian history. The FNM appears to be a very violent party with a violent history as a movement.

Most Bahamians don’t remember the violence by the FNM in Abaco or Fox Hill but we at BP do.

In fact, the whispers of threats against the PM didn’t just start now that Dr. Minnis is PM, but only BP remembers how FNMs – some who now sit right in the Cabinet Room – plotted day and night against then-opposition leader Minnis, threatening his every move.

One faction in the Party was so bold they decided to send both Minnis and Loretta Butler Turner letters with cruel threats to harm both if they did not step down from their positions in opposition.

Everyone knows the writer of those letters was old as they referred to using an icepick to deliver the threat.

But these threats are not new. And they come from persons sitting right around the Cabinet Table.

Ah, Well!

We report yinner decide!