So someone please tell me why is Desmond Bannister all up in our national conversation – when he resigned from the Senate and said he’d had enough of our business?


Why is he in our business again when we know he is committed to nothing?!

Desmond Bannister? GONE GREEN?

Nassau, Bahamas — As a part of the bold efforts of the Christie Government to broaden reforms across the country and make sure that the world knows who is walking up and down in the Bahamas – Immigration Reforms have begun.

The Government has since purchased new vessels for the Defence Force to step up patrols for poachers and migrants and has since rebuilt the burnt down Detention Centre dorms. Additionally new legislation and policy shifts have been put in place to curb the number of unregulated persons placing a drain on the system and this includes all persons accessing our schools who just show up with no records.

Many believe the Bahamas has become the boarding school Mecca for migrants in the Southern Caribbean, which has forced the construction of schools, clinics and social services, all without examining the real problem.

As these bold landmark efforts are carried out by the government to make sure everyone is regulated and documented, lo and behold, out of nowhere comes Desmond Bannister, the former Minister of Education in the FNM, to make some comments on these reform plans. He called the new policy on registration at schools “silly, unenforceable”.

His call is for the government to “Reconsider the policy and take time to implement sensible, workable rules so that the registration process will remain workable and efficient.”

Readers must take note that this is the same former MP who abandoned the people of Carmichael, the same MP who went to North Andros and lost – but not before he put the residents in court. The same MP who just in 2013 told the Bahamian people he resigned from the Senate and had no more time to help solve our national problems.

Prime Minister Christie told the media at the time of Bannister’s resignation from the Senate that he [Bannister] “never had the mindset of a politician”. Others had described the move by Bannister as “Political Abandonment” of the leadership of Hubert Minnis – which no FNM wanted to join in the defence of the party’s poor performance and bad record in its last administration.

What concerns BP is the fact that here again is someone {BANNISTER} who had no time to answer questions about the poor shameful record of Hubert Ingraham. No time to defend his own bad records in Government. Couldn’t account to the people of Carmichael, yet, all of a sudden, seeks to get in our national business as we try and fix the country?


Some of these relics in the FNM just need to go home and sit small. We ain’t gat no time for dem as they had no time for us!

We report yinner decide!