So the US Warships does detain people in Bahamian waters now? WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?!


Cuban detained by US Warship and transferred to Bahamian Officials – NO WORDS FROM THAT CUBAN MOVEMENTS IN FLORIDA WHO DOES ADVISE PM MINNIS!

FREEPORT| On Sunday at 1200pm USCG Cutter Robert Yered called into the Lucayan Harbour and handed over 9 Cuban migrants to Bahamas Immigration officers.

At 4pm Saturday the migrants, who are all adult males were initially observed by USGC aircraft on Cay Sal Island in Bahamian waters. However, upon seeing the aircraft the men ran into the bushes. RBDF was notified who in turn requested the USCG to assist and granted permission consistent with the United States/Bahamas Comprehensive Maritime Agreement for a USCG Cutter to enter and investigate the sighting.

Later on Friday evening, a USCG team went ashore on Cay Sal Island and located 9 adult males who all claimed to to be Cuban nationals. A rustic 18ft wooden sail boat with a white sail was nearby on the shore which is believed to ha e been the means by which the migrants departed Cuba.

The Cuban migrants claimed that they departed Cuba as a group earlier Friday in a rustic sail boat destined for the United States.

After taking custody of the migrants, Immigration officials transported them to Immigration headquarters to be processed further and to be examined by the medical staff of the Disease and Surveillance Unit of the PHA. The Immigration department intends to fly the Cuban migrants to Nassau on Monday to be detained at the Detention Centre until repatriated to Cuba. This brings a total of 50 migrants who were turned over by USCG to the Immigration department Freeport for processing within the past 14 days alone.

We report yinner decide!