Second major accident at Cable Beach involves a taxi driver…

Scenes this morning at that second major accident in Cable Beach.

BP BREAKING| A second major accident in Cable Beach this morning near Sandyport. The driver, who escaped the accident with his life, slammed into the back of a garbage truck in the area and completely wrote-off his Lincoln Town Car.

The vehicle was reduced to pieces of metals and burning oil with the steering wheel being left on the top of the vehicle. What a miracle.

The accident comes just hours following another incident in the same area last evening where seven persons were left injured suffering from serious wounds. All are recovering in hospital.

This past week some three person have lost their lives on the roadways of the Bahamas. We remind motorists to drive slow. Pay attention to the speed limit. Do not drink and drive. Do not eat and drive. Put all the electronics down. Drive to arrive alive.

We report yinner decide!