Social Services worker found dead, swinging from closet on Grand Bahama Island tonight…


Was Malcolm-Mack capable of killing herself? Or is this another incident of murder which will go unreported?

Social Service worker found dead inside her Freeport, Malibu Reef Saturday evening.

Freeport – A Social Services worker is dead tonight on Grand Bahama Island inside her Malibu Reef home this evening.

Now, the woman, who we have identified as CWO Patrice Malcolm-Mack, was found hanging from a closet at her family home. She was discovered by a relative. Her husband was off the island. We want to remind readers that we at BP do not believe Bahamians are capable of suicide. But we will investigate as too many persons are just reported dead with the same excuse.

Workers at Social Services Departments around the country are under serious stress and recently a report was that some were being threatened! While unemployment has skyrocketed and pressures have come with a decreased budget in the department Grand Bahama is left in critical care under the Minnis Government. Even Hubert Ingraham has cautioned the Minnis Government on its injury and insult of the poor! But let’s get back to our story.

Patrice is the sister of Former Senator Barry Malcolm. Patrice has two children.

All we could say is this: Pray for the Mack, Malcolm and Social Services family. They ga need it on this one!

We report yinner decide!