Some 100 – 130 Haitian Migrants invade the Bahamas again – the fourth such in five days!


Migrants brought into base on Saturday after being found somewhere between Eleuthera and Exuma by RBDF.

Nassau – Defence Force officers have intercepted another 100 – 130 Haitian migrants this weekend. And, although RBDF officials have not publicly announced it to the country we can now safely say that the invasion has begun without officials telling us.

This latest intercepted vessel is the fourth such to have been caught at sea, attempting to illegally and unlawfully enter the Bahamas. And this is not just an invasion on land – but also an invasion on jobs, schools, hospitals, clinics and all the public services you use, from National Insurance to Social Services. And we are paying for it all!

So far 16 or so were caught at South Beach this past week. Another 52 were intercepted in Abaco and another 124 were captured just eight miles off New Providence Defence Force Base. If you do the math, that total number would be some 322 migrants in just over a week, more than 2/3 the total number RBDF claims it intercepted in all of 2018. We don’t believe their claims.

Anyway – there are new arrivals every day, we believe, of undocumented persons from all over the world. How we manage this influx is another problem.

We report yinner decide!