Son allegedly beats and stabs his mother to death in homicide #53 on Grand Bahama!


Hudell Beans is Homicide #53 victim – her son is being held by police for her murder…

Homicide #53 on Grand Bahama Hudell Beans now identified by BP. Son taken into custody. BP PHOTO

FREEPORT| Bahamian Police were on the scene at Baby J Car lot on East Beach Drive where a mother was found dead, stuffed inside the trunk of a vehicle early this morning.

We at Bahamas Press can tell you that police are holding the victim’s son for questioning in connection to this latest homicide in the country.

Initially police notified the press, suggesting that they arrived, “…on East Beach Drive where the body of a female was discovered in a vehicle.” But as BP got to the scene, it was clear that this was no ordinary death. The victim was stuffed inside the back of the trunk of a vehicle.

Upon closer inspection, BP agents didn’t just discover how the body was stuffed in the back trunk…but that she was savagely beaten and stabbed about the body multiple times. What in the hell is dis? #crimedown.

BP has identified the victim as the mother of Hudell Beans. We still do not know how her body ended up in the back trunk of the vehicle, or where the homicide actually took place.

Sources on the ground tell us police took into custody the victim’s son along with evidence of that alleged violent attack at an undisclosed location.

Operators of a towing company reported the body in the back of the vehicle to police after they collected it from that same undisclosed location.

And so what do we have here? Son killed mother? Why? And why ya think police didn’t want to tell the public initially that they had opened a homicide investigation? What is this?

We report yinner decide!


  1. The report about the son killing his Mom is a bit mixed up. First you said that Hudell Beans is homicide victim #53 then you said that Hudell Beans is the mother of the accused. By the way I heard that the victim is Udell Bevans. May her soul rest in peace and my deepest sympathy to the family.

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