Son of Ambassador is Bahamas’ third murder victim…


Parhon Johnson is third murder victim for 2012.

Ambassador son is murdered

Nassau, Bahamas — BREAKING INFORMATION coming from our sources early this morning tell us Parhon Chipman-Johnson, the son of New York Consul-General Rhonda Chipman-Johnson [Former Vice President of COB], is indeed the country’s third murder victim.

BP has learnt sometime around 2am in the vicinity of the MIGHTY PUNCH on Farrington Road detectives found Parhon, shot dead after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds about the body from a high-powered automatic weapon.

BP can confirm the weapon used was a high-powered AK-47 [war weapon].

Parhon was 35-years-old, a graduate of St. John’s College and the father of one.

Bahamas Press is also investigating a strange/sudden death incident at Old Fort Bay in Western New Providence early this morning.

Man found dead at Old Fort Bay

Police discovered the lifeless body of a security guard in the gated community.

We have learnt the victim in this incident is Artlet George Simmons. He was pronounced dead on the scene by EMS services. Police are investigating.

Man downs at sea in Western NP

Bahamas Press is also following a drowning in Western New Providence this morning. We can confirm a man who went fishing drowned this morning. Police are investigating.

We report yinner decide.


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