Songwriter Raquel P. Forbes Credits Bahamians Who Stayed United After Hurricane As Inspiration For New Song ‘We Bahamas Strong’

Raquel P. Forbes

By Arthia Nixon

Freeport, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas – The unity of the Bahamian people after Hurricane Dorian is the inspiration for newly released single “We Bahamas Strong”.  Performed by C’nyq, the song is written and produced by the CEO of Reacapp Productions Bahamas Limited, Raquel P. Forbes, the song is already generating a buzz locally. 

“After the devastating Hurricane Dorian, I had a conversation with a singer I grew up with, and when she shared her experiences of the hurricane, it inspired me to write this song,” said Forbes. “I initially refused to collaborate with her because I normally write only happy songs, but after that inspiring conversation, I was compelled to write this song and completed it within minutes of us chatting.” 

According to Forbes, she feels she was chosen by the Lord to write such a song, which she says is a gift for the Bahamian people and all those that love the Bahamas. Forbes said to her, The Bahamas is not only blessed with the abundance beauty of the nature but also with people with golden hearts. She said the brave and resilient people remained united through the toughest of times and the song is a fitting tribute to all those people. 

Forbes added that in keeping with her personal mandate to write happy songs, she decided on the traditional Bahamian folk sounds of Rake ‘n’ Scrape to accompany the lyrics. The song cements 18-year-old ‘C’nyq as a part of the next generation of culture keepers for the genre.

“C’nyq has done absolute justice with the essence of this song by singing it so well,” said Forbes. “I hope the Bahamas will receive the message in this song, and it will keep reminding them to be united and brave in the toughest of times. The song has all the ingredients to be an anthem for the people of this exotic paradise, and this is exactly why it is already getting an overwhelming response.”