South and Central Abaco elects new branch officers


Membership drives open in the PLP around the country…

PLP South and Central Abaco Branch elects new branch officers and gets ready for 2017.

Abaco, Bahamas  — South and Central Abaco recently elected its new PLP branch team in its latest rounds of branch elections. The new branch officers are; Chairman- Junior Mernard, Vice chairman – Jessie Bain, Treasurer – Melissa Roberts, Àsst. Treasure- Ñorma Delancy, Sec. Luzna. Dunercy, Ast Sec. – Pauline Sawyer, and Chaplin – Evalyn Wilson. PLP standard-bearer for the community is Senator Gary Sawyer, who congratulated the elected members following the race.

A source in the Party told BP,  “This is one of the dynamics of the PLP; they are getting ready now. They are locking support now. They are organizing branches now for whenever an election is called.”