South and Central Abaco MP James Albury is the latest victim of PM Minnis political ax!

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South and Central Abaco MP James Albury

ABACO| South and Central Abaco MP James Albury has now confirmed he will not be seeking re-election to Parliament.

He is the latest victim of PM Minnis bloody political blade! Remember it was Bahamas Press who told yinner from last year more than 10 FNM MPs will be axed by Minnis. Do you believe BP now?

What we wonder is this, when will the axed MPs come together and in a letter to the Governor General force PM Minnis out of the office of Prime Minister? The Parliament only needs a majority of the FNMs and well – since ya going home anyway what do yinner have to lose?

More MPs will be announced as not getting a nomination in the coming days.


Good afternoon colleagues,

“I know most of you have already heard but for those who have not I am just confirming that I have decided not to seek the party’s endorsement for re-election. I want everyone to know that my reasons are not political, I just feel it is in the best interests of myself and family to take a step back from frontline politics for a while. I want to reaffirm my support for the administration and its leadership. I expect the news will break soon so out of respect for everyone I wanted it to come from me first. It has been and continues to be an honour to serve with you all. Will see everyone Wednesday!”

We report yinner decide!

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