South Beach is reaching for a PLP Gold…Neymour will not return as MP – popularity down less than 17%

Junior Minister for Energy and the environment is looking at defeat in South Beach like a deer in headlights! South Beach poll show Neymour's popularity below 17%.


Nassau Bahamas — The farewell party has begun and another FNM MP can begin to hangup his parliamentary suit! A special farewell party will breakout across the country as we say farewell to MPs who shall not return after the bell is rung.

Bahamas Press can now report in the column of defeat is the current MP for South Beach, Phenton Neymour.

He, WE DECLARE, SHALL BE DEFEATED in the next general elections.

BP agents now on the ground tell us the sitting MP is down in the South Beach polls by less than 17% in popularity.

The data is shocking; just coming in from the ground in the constituency early this morning. The information now into BP is telling and concludes, nothing can save Neymour in SOUTH BEACH!

Our candidate in the community hard on the ground is Cleola Hamilton! If elections were held today, Hamilton would win by a 65% popular vote, a percentage far higher than Neymour in 2007 when the FNM machine delivered a victory political tidal wave across the country.

Residents in our report tell us “NEGLECT BY THE MP” will be reason number one for his downfall going into elections. His record in government is no better. Following the storm, Neymour stood quiet as South Beach residents sat in blackness for days. The decision by the energy minister was a bad one, which has angered an entire FNM household on Bougainvillea Boulevard.

BP now endorses Hamilton as our horse in the race, as SHE SHALL DEFEAT Phenton ‘NO-MORE” NEYMORE AND THE FNM!