A Letter to ‘Da Editor’


In the absence of anything positive to say or defend about their Party, they attack the messengers of the PLP but not its message, which is causing consternation in the upper echelons of the out-going FNM Party. We must give people like Gregory Moss a chance to prove that they can do better for Freeport and the PLP a chance to show that they have learned from the past and present and WILL make a difference for all Bahamians in the future! Why continue to invest our faith and hopes in losers like the out-going FNM band in Freeport: Zhivargo Laing and Kenneth Russell,  at least one of them, Neko Grant, will do the right thing and throw in the towel.

So to the misguided miscreants who continue to defend the FNM (Free National Mess) and criticize the PLP but are unable to argue with its message, I have one thing to say; either recognizes the stupidity and futility of your devotion and support or go down in flames with the Free National Mess! If these CLOWNS enjoy the feel of their heads in the sand, then they can join the rest of the FNM Ostrich Brigade and keep their heads submerged while the country changes around them. Surely the Christians will think that the Lord above has turned His back on them. They can criticize and attack all they want but they cannot deny that the PLP (Progressive Liberal Party) has a well-conceived vision for the country and one that will help Grand Bahama to get back on its feet. We do not need those FNM loyalists who become fewer by the day and who are content to look in the rear view mirror as the rest of us realists look to move forward, upward, onward together under the banner of the PLP in 2012!!

J.Maxfield Outten