St. Anne’s student crowned Spelling Bee Champion in the Bahamas!


The only male dominated the Spelling Bee championship!

The Minister of Education, The Hon. Jerome K. Fitzgerald, along with the Director of Education Mr. Lionel Sands, pictured with the only male contestant of this year’s National Spelling Bee Final Competition, Mr. Charles Hamilton Jr of St. Anne’s School.

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press is sending congratulations to the only male in the Spelling Bee Championship held over the weekend, who won the competition.

Charles Hamilton Jr. of St. Anne’s High School was crowned spelling Champion following intense  rounds at the event. The young student will now go on to Washington to participate in the Howard Scripps National Spelling Bee competition.

Confident he would win the champion said at one point he thought he would have been knocked out during the rounds, however, he was glad to see that his hard work indeed paid off.

Mr. Oswald Brown first introduced the Spelling Bee in the Bahamas when he served as editor of The Nassau Guardian. The event has since grown to a grand national event where students from around the country descend in the capital to compete.

We report yinner decide!