Staff at Social Services stopped work – complaining of Rat, Roach and Mold infestation…


Nassau – Social Services Department staff at the Wulff Road location has said enough is enough and refused to work yesterday, protesting serious health conditions present inside their office space.

Staff said the conditions have become unsanitary and unbearable for both them and their clients as a serious rat, roach and mold infestation takes over their work environments.

Almost everywhere in the building the mold is visible and many staff members have become ill as a result.

The matter was brought to the attention of the Social Services Minister Frankie Campbell, but to date nothing has been done and staff says the Minister is missing in action.

Like inside the kitchen at the OPM, the roaches are terrible and the rats run all over the desks, playing with the staff throughout the day.

BP wonders how can staff eat in these seriously unsanitary conditions? And do y’all believe PM Minnis “Most Honourable EVER’ will address this?

We report yinner decide!