Kung Fu Panda PS returns to work to collect items and get ready for retirement…

Kung Fu Panda PS returns.

Nassau – The Kung Fu Panda PS is back on the job today after being sent home on advice of the Attorney General’s Office.

Kung Fu Panda PS was sent home on leave after causing injury to the hands of a senior government staffer during a meeting. The matter was transferred to the police for further investigation.

PS returned to work this week to begin packing bags and collecting personal items – kettle and teabags – as the big move into retirement comes.

Staff are still shaking and speaking in codes after the return. Some are still traumatized and are afraid to even come to meetings as they don’t know how Kung Fu Panda PS may react or respond to their questions.

Boy, I tell ya – if ya don’t laugh, you will cry!

We report yinner decide!